Mt Kenya’s Chogoria gate travel diary


I can vividly remember my first experience at Mt Kenya National Park  Chogoria gate. It was too cold every inch of my body was freezing i found myself swearing to never setting foot back but who was i kidding? Am a nature lover,of course i went back too many times that i eventually found myself hiking because every time i went higher my curiosity was aroused.The experience was beyond words,yes it was tiresome,am not going to lie about that(it took me couple of days to recover) but if you love nature,you’ll thank me.Plus the awesome memories of the place beats it all.I still find myself wanting to go back.

You will be intrigued by the beauty of the landscapes,one of the most impressive in east Africa.Just to mention  Mount Kenya  features ice-capped peaks, outlandish glacial valleys, an array of crystal-clear glacial lakes (Tarns), and a myriad of other attractions. All the featured photos above are from Chogoria route which is considered to be the most scenic if you wish to hike.


Mt Kenya’s second highest peak (Nelion)
A side view of Lewis Glacier
Olonana which if i may mention is the world’s highest via ferrata at 4985m ASL and yes its in Kenya and Mount Kenya to be precise.


There are quite a number of tarns in Mt Kenya, this beauty right here is Simba tarn

Some directions there. During my hike i spent the night at Mintos hut


My all time favorite lake,ladies and gentlemen,meet Lake Michelson


Ain’t she gorgeous!A slice of heaven on earth. I was eager to get home and relax but walking away from this view was no easy thing to do


I mentioned tarns earlier,Hall tarns right there which by the way are a walking distance from Mintos hut and just below them from the hut is the beautiful Lake Michelson


My first time at Nithi falls. The are quite spectacular and i still can’t forget how cold the water was.

But the view behind me, oh my
My second time at Nithi falls. They are quite spectacular and i still can’t forget how cold the water was.


At this point i could clearly see point Lenana. I still remember how tired i was but there was no way i was giving up after coming this close to the finish line.
This view is just everything.Its like handing me a slice of my favorite cake


I made it mama yaaaaaaaas
Even if i lived here i don’t think i would ever get accustomed the these views,you ain’t seen nothing yet,this is just but a slice of the mountain goodness. They are mind blowing.


Remember me telling you mount Kenya has beautiful landscapes,well these ones next to me are mash room stones. I would never have known of their existence if i didn’t hike Mt Kenya, a learning session it was too.


They call this place lunch point. Just below where am standing are Vivienne falls,the loveliest i have seen so far.Unfortunately the weather couldn’t allow a good shot.Next time i’ ll carry a better camera
I caught this one right here from point Lenana

In case you’ve never been to Mt Kenya before,i hope you find these pictures inspiring enough.Keep warm, be ready to get tired but don’t give up,imagine witnessing these views live? besides,if Ray made it,why can’t you? Good luck

            love & love


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  1. I take this opportunity to salute you.. Thank you for sharing this amazing beauty of the Mt Kenya, Chogoria route. Hope i can be able to share my experience for Narumoro route

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