While in Samburu


Samburu’s lifeline is the Ewaso Nyiro River, which meanders through Samburu National Reserve, leaving a trail of lush pasture for the reserve’s thousands of species.While in samburu get to discover Shaba National Reserve,Buffalo Springs National Reserve and Samburu National Reserve which by the way is located on the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro. Known for its famed lionesses and other big cats, this reserve also has its own ‘big five’ that are seldom seen elsewhere in the country ; the Reticulated Giraffe, Grevy’s Zebra, East African Spiesbok, Gerenuk and Somali Ostrich.

The long dry season from July to October is the best time to visit Samburu. You enjoy sunny, blue skies with almost no rain.That is not all,water sources are limited during this period which leaves the animals congregating along Ewaso River.Game drives often follow the winding, sandy tracks close to the meandering river, where almost anything from a pride of lions to a herd of elephants or a flight of graceful, leaping impala to grevys zebras can appear at any moment. 

Also get to learn more about the camel,goat cattle-herding nilotes that are Samburu people.They are closely related to the Maasai’s.

My love for my long nosed friends(elephants) has drawn me to Samburu quite a couple of times.Its guaranteed that you wont miss them while on a game drive in Samburu National Reserve.

Check out my experience

Mt. Ololokwe


Welcoming me in Samburu county is this herd of carmels
This’s mainly what Samburu looks like, lots of acacia trees


This’s why i love Samburu,The reason i long game driving around the reserve,well plus other reasons but this is a key one.Too much love for them.You will never miss them unless you are the unluckiest person on earth


Reticulated giraffe right there
Shying away from me or was it my camera?


She be Ray.Enjoying a moment at Bufallo springs national reserve which is home to Ashil by the way
Well well well,look who we have here!
Karibu Ashnil Samburu Camp. One of the reasons i loved Ashil was the fact that the only thing that separated me from the wildlife was the electric fence.Be it from the comfort of your room,the restaurant or the bar you will easily spot them.Awesome,right?Seriously,if you in Samburu and you ain’t sure where to stay,go for Ashnil Samburu Camp you can thank me later

img_20160724_143006img_20160724_142705 img_20160724_150338

When light of the day gives in to the darkness,this will be the place you’ll wait for the reverse of the prior


In one of my many visits to Samburu i also got to explore Sarova Shaba game lodge




What views this point offers is something i loved


Sarova Shaba’s swimming pool is actually the largest around Samburu
And this is the gorgeous Elephant bedroom camp. I lost like all my photos for this particular trip *sob* so i’ ll just share the few that i have.I guess it does help sharing photos with friends while you on a trip



I loved Elephant bedroom more. Unlike the other lodges you do not need to go on a game drive to view the eles,they come to you.They usually roam around the camp.


In case you’ve never been to Samburu before,i hope you find these pictures inspiring enough to give it a go.

                                                        Thank you for stopping by



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