Jambo Mutara luxury camp

I’m a big fan of Laikipia county,it’s actually my favorite of the 47 county’s of Kenya. There is a lot you can do in Laikipia,lots of attractions and a whole lot of places to visit  like this .Trust me when you are done with them all,the county will have a special place in your heart too. Travelling is a great way to rejuvenate and through it we get to learn a lot.

A 42kms drive from Nanyuki town along Rumuruti road led me to this very beautiful place, Jambo Mutara Camp. At first i could have sworn i was lost. How is it even possible that such a beautiful place could be found in such a remote area in the middle of nowhere? I remember keeping on thinking i was lost or i had missed a junction while driving down the road. It’s one of those roads you take that makes you feel like nothing great really is found ahead. Its very common in Laikipia by the way. Most of the places that will leave you breathless are tucked in the middle of nowhere. I was relieved when i finally came across their signage by the road.

Located North of the ancient Aberdares Forest the camp overlooks the beautiful hills of Nanyuki and a lush farmland, which is ideal for nature lovers. The rooms balcony will offer you breathtaking views of Mutara Conservancy. The gallery below speaks it all,check it out

You won’t miss a couple of them on your way along this road,they are part of the traffic

Livestock quenching their thirst,with the amount of heat around a sip comes in handy
Laying my eyes on this signage was such a relieve.


Running in the direction of the lodge i think what he was trying to say was “Karibu Mutara Camp Ray,let me show you the way” lol


I fell in love with their reception area,just too beautiful
The camp’s bar offers a selection of wines,beverages and liquors.Worry not,they got your thirst covered haha


A view of the swimming pool from the bar’s balcony
I took this shot from the veranda leading to the bar. Down this staircase to the left leads to the swimming pool. I couldn’t stop but love the view which had a whole lot to do with the vegetation color.Mutara conservancy can be hot,i expected drier vegetation.I was simply impressed


swimming pool
On a lucky day you’ll catch the elephants drinking water from the water pool behind me and the best part,you can catch this straight from the pool,fantastic!
The tents from the outside


A balcony with a panoramic view of the conservancy
Their luxury canvas tents offer the most unforgettable camping experience.The interior furnishing is impeccable and with their en suite bathroom trust me you won’t even think you are in a tent.If i were to call this a camping experience then i have to admit it’s one of the best i have had
Reading area in the room
And another plus about the camp is in the way it’s laid out,you never feel like you are crowded.
And ooh,the honeymoon suite has a jaccuzi


If you are looking for a place to escape to for a week end or even holiday away from the usual,somewhere quite,cool and serene,Jambo Mutara Camp is your place.If you love sun sets try a shot from the pool,thank me later. On my way out i was curious to know whether Jambo chester hotels has other facilities in Kenya and i was told they do,one in Kisumu  which i was told is cuter than Jambo Mutara ( i’ ll have to be the judge of that) and another in Watamu.



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