Meru National Park

Catch the sunrise

Meru National Park is a Kenyan park located east of Meru. 350 km from Nairobi. Covering an area of 870 km², it is one of best known National Parks in Kenya. Affectionately known as Kenya’s complete wilderness sister to Kora National Park best known as ‘The Last Wilderness,Meru National Park plays host to an abundance of wildlife, from rare exotic birds to the elephants,lions,leopards,cheetahs and the Rhinos. It is also home to species as reticulated giraffe,grevy’s zebra,gerenuk and oryx which are rarely found in other national parks in Kenya.In addition it offers a variety of landscapes unparalleled in Kenya and arguably in east Africa.

An environment that is normally dry is transformed by the thirteen perennial rivers flowing through it which by the way originate from Nyambene hills.The waters are the main reason for the parks spectacular diversity of landscapes and wildlife.Needless to say Meru National Park is the place where the saga of Elsa the lioness of Born Free fame unfolded.The lions are still seen ,some of them have to be the heirs of the most famous lioness in the world.

There are two routes to Meru national park from Nairobi. The first is the main road Karatina, Nanyuki and Meru, the second is via Embu-Meru road. It offers the best approach via the Ura gate.There are a couple of airstrips in Meru Park thus accessible by air too.


View of the park’s gate by day
A lovely view by night
my second favorite tree in the park
The park boasts quite a number of birds species including my cute friend here that is vulturine guinea fowl.There are also two more species of guinea fowls in the park;crested and helmeted guinea fowls
One of the two zebra species in the park,grevys zebra. A recent census showed that there are only five of them in the park.
This darlings is my favorite tree in Meru National Park
A touch of the wilderness


This has always been my kind of traffic in the park,i ‘ll rarely get through a game drive without experiencing this.I had interrupted his afternoon bath and he wasn’t happy about it,i wouldn’t either if i was in his shoes. That deep usually comes in handy in the afternoons.
The hippo pool.Did you know that a hippos life span is 30yrs,it weighs between 1-2 tonnes and has a gestation period of 7.5-8.5 months? Well now you know


Call them the residents of the pool
A male ostrich running away from us.A female one is usually brownish in color
River Rojewero,one of the park’s thirteen permanent rivers.P.s,she’s gorgeous
Who said giraffes don’t know how to pose for a photo? These two male reticulated giraffes just did and the photographer didn’t waste the opportunity
Before i got this shot i had tried a couple more making them uneasy i assumed so this shot kinda had a message from my big buddy here posing and looking at me like “is this what you want Ray? Fine here we go,get the shot and be done”hahaha
Reticulated female giraffes.Notice that the males in the previous photo are darker
Ever heard of Elsa the lioness? You can read more from here  and more about her care taker here .Well that’s the direction to her grave.A must visit in Meru Park.
Take your time darling
Catch the sunrise.Early mornings are usually the best time as you stand a higher chance of coming across more wildlife unlike later in the day when it’s hotter because they tend to shelter under the trees and others prefer to stick to the river line,more food,water and its cooler there
And the good thing is you don’t need to be up really that early,6am is just fine
Me watching the waters of river Rojewero flow down the river from Rojewero view point
Sunsets have a way of taking my breath away
The jumbos or rather, my long nosed friends


Watch as many sunsets as you can and the complete wilderness is one place you need to watch them from.You’ll love the skyline at around 6.15pm as the sun disappears slowly above Nyambene hills




Aerial view of the park
When the queen of the jungle offers to show you around her palace you gladly take the offer with a smile,if she takes her sweet time while she’s at it,you enjoy the moment and pray that nothing pops up to interrupt her speed
Aerial view of Leopard Rock lodge.


A white rhino and her one and a half month to two months old baby.This is so beautiful,the reason i stand with wildlife conservation,the rhinos and elephants to be precise.I want my future generation to enjoy this when they go for game drives.Let’s not be the generation that see their extinction,it starts with me and you. #SAYNOTOPOACHING #SAYNOTOIVORY

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