Samburu’s beauty is admirable, landscape unspoilt and all maters road trips, Samburu is your place. Am always thrilled to hit the road towards and past Samburu as the journey always reminds me how beautiful my country is not forgetting the smooth ride to Marsabit.

I decided to do this post after my second visit to Marsabit National Park. In my first visit i never got to explore much but this time i experienced the park in all its glory.

dscn2826 Always excited every time am on an adventure,i like capturing the moments from when the journey begins to its very end.This particular shot was captured somewhere past Isiolo                            img_20160417_134445                                    Mt Ololokweimg_20150711_134720               Somewhere past mt Ololokwe we stopped and i took advantage of the very clear road to capture the moment the best way i know how but sadly i lost my sunnies here.I left them by the roadside(the only memory that lingers in my mind every time i look at this photo) img_20150711_125711img_20150711_130053                  By now you should probably know i have a thing for lone trees,i can’t really tell what it is about them,may be symbolism for strength but i do find them cute.I actually have a favorite lone tree in The complete wildernessimg_20150711_131417dscn2890dscn2899img_20160417_140547img_20160417_141630                                      The weather started to changeimg_20160417_150700                         It started raining but that wouldn’t come between my relationship with my cameradscn2886           Hello can i have one goat?hahaha. Curious faces.I bet its on rare occasions they find people take interest of their surroundings.And here i was with my camera

img_20160419_115428             Welcome to Marsabit National Park,the park in the desertdscn2852                        A female ostrich in the park,it would have been a male were it blackimg_20160418_115536                       Lets take a game drive,i hope you didn’t expect some very dry place or some desert like kind of park.The vegetation comes close to what you’ll find in Mt Kenya National Park, quite beautifulimg_20160418_131305                                                                       The views img_20160418_161038                     I like playing with my camera,i wanted to capture the clear blue skies but i wasn’t really very impressed by the results i got and i got my self thinking, what else can i add to the blue skies,trees edges and voila !!img_20160418_163008         A view of the lovely lake paradise,who would have thought there existed such a beautiful lake in Marsabit!! paradise in paradise or is it desert..which ever,you get the point,right?img_20160418_163017That’s about all as far as my little adventure was concerned but i wont leave without giving you an idea of where to stay while in Marsabit.

1. Marsabit Lodge

Marsabit Lodge is a simple tourist lodge on the lush shores of a forest-fringed crater lake in the remote Marsabit National Park that dates back to the 1970’s. The few staff are wonderfully hospitable.The main area is designed around a water catchment area, where Buffalos and Elephants gather at night.How awesome is that?

img_20160418_172741img_20160418_172838img_20160418_172816                                                  A view from the restaurantimg_20160418_172816

2.Jirime Hotel& Resort

North  of Marsabit town on the road to Moyale is  Jirime Hotel& Resort. When you travel to such a region, where finding proper space to shower, eat and sleep sounds a tough affair, you will thank the owner of this property for erecting this hotel in such a beautiful yet challenged region.Their Meals are fresh and delicious,something i loved about the place plus their staff are very welcoming.Again if you on your way to Moyale this will be your perfect stay



  Always thank you so much for visiting, I hope you stay a while and enjoy!