The Nyahururu Panari Resort

If you know me you certainly know that am the kinda girl that loves adventure and anything to do with nature and of course traveling.Am not sure at this point whether there is anything that excites me more.Typical Ray!!

So there is this time i was hanging out with my best friend and she said something about discovering Nyeri and Nyahururu arguing that we had been so much into parks,reserves and conservancies. That talk saw us head to the gorgeous Tafaria castle lodge ,am really tempted to switching the subject right now but let that be a story to be told another day.Where were we? Yes conservancies…so after Tafaria i went for a mini road trip that i dubbed #knowyourcountry hahaha…that saw me visit a couple of Countys from Meru to Vihiga through Nyeri Nyahururu. Before i got to Nyahururu town i came across The Nyahururu Panari Resort and the place caught my eye from the road.Right there and then i knew i had a new guest in my bucket list.I talked my bestie into it(i can be quite convincing though i think a quick look of the place from the net did the actual convincing here) and we found ourselves here.P.S. In case you find yourself around Nyahururu or better,Thompson falls and you need a place to spend the night or grab a nice meal think The Nyahururu Panari Resort  you can thank me later.I cannot seem to really find the perfect words to describe the place so let me let the pictures do the talking



I wouldn’t exactly call myself a foodie but I sure did take my taste buds on a trip

img_20160827_142950img_20160827_143044                        Daniel wellington and the lodge,not the shot i expected but…img_20160827_142200cq292v5weaaereaimg_20160827_142319img_20160827_140453img_20160827_141209img_20160827_144655img_20160827_144503img_20160827_145603img_20160827_153008                                              Thompson fallsimg_20160827_153109

A view of the lodge from The Thompson falls

Overall thoughts – beautiful resort,finger licking cuisines and great staff. Sort of place you should go with someone special or even friends


Always thank you for visiting a pleasure having you here.



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