Elsa’s Kopje


Getting lost or your vehicle getting stuck in the mud in a park while on a game drive is usually not the best experience,so they say.This however never applies to me,i have had my fair share of both experiences.I remember last year getting stuck and rescued by a land rover almost 2hrs down the line and in all that time i was busy taking photos but i guess i was easy because i knew help was on the way. My story to  Elsa’s Kopje begun exactly 2yrs ago.Technically today is our second anniversary hahaha .I woke up early enough on that day for my 7am game drive.It was all good until we got lost which was entirely my fault because i wanted to get to Rhino River Camp and if you’ve been to Rhino River Camp or Meru Park you’ll agree with me that unlike the signages to other areas within the park,directions to Rhino River Camp are poor.In the process of trying to find our way back we stumbled across a signage to Elsa’s kopje and my friend suggested that we go check it out since we couldn’t find Rhino River Camp. That’s how i met Elsa’s Kopje and since then it’s been a place close to my heart.From my social media networks i realized that not so many people knew of the place hence i felt inspired to do a post about the place having visited a couple of times.

Elsa’s Kopje is situated in Meru National Park, a roughly 30 minutes drive from Meru Park’s Murera gate and less than 1 hr flight from Nairobi where you get to enjoy guided walks,bush breakfast and sun downers,river fishing,dining under the stars and spa treatments among other activities.

Did you know that Elsa’s Kopje’s honeymoon suite tub got featured on the Forbes list of 16 World’s Best Outdoor Bathtubs and has been named under several categories among them as one of the top 5 safari camps in Kenya by wanderlust magazine?Now you know and trust me, the place comes as advertised. 

Below meet Elsa’s Kopje, where elegance meets comfort

A view of one of the three honeymoon suites
The private house’s dinning room


A view of the restaurant to the left,bar to the right
The bar’s view from the restaurants entrance


My ice cold soft drink and my binoculars.I like enjoying views beyond my eyes from the pool.Shot taken by the pool side

img_20160706_155757_1              img_5899 Nestled on the side of the hill is this infinity pool,very sweet, offering an opportunity to enjoy great views of the park. There is a fertile spring to the east of the hill where you can watch vast herds of elephants, buffalos and giraffes make their way across the plains below. There is nothing i love more than a pool with a view,when we add elephants to the statement,well…

Want to catch the sunset from the pool?No better place can you achieve that than from the private houses infinity pool.I was so thrilled the day i caught my picture perfect sun downer shot from this pool


Relax and enjoy the view
A view from the family cottage.How beautiful. Meru National Park has been one of my favorite parks for a while now.Being here and having this view of the park was everything


Enjoy some vitamin C,the sweet early morning soothing sun and a view from this honeymoon suite.You won’t like it in the later hours unless if you don’t mind the heat😊
 Just that view!                                                
Honeymoon suite balcony.I really loved the view it offers


A view of the sun downer from the main house’s infinity swimming pool.

img_20161016_181535   A silhouette of me from the private house pool watching the sun set above Nyambene hills.This shot got me lost for words.My photographer sort of read my mind there.

That’s about all as far as my experiences at Elsa’s are concerned.If you haven’t been to Meru Park  or Elsa’s Kopje i hope you find my post inspiring and informative enough to give it a go.


My thoughts about the lodge; A state of the art lodge,luxurious,welcoming staff,great services.A place that should be in any adventure loving person’s bucket list and a destination that should be moving up their travel radar.I’d also recommend the place to those looking forward to surprising their loved ones,you’ll score good.


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Merry christmas

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