Wasini/Mkwiro escapade


img_20160911_134948Just north of the delicate Kisite Marine Park lays the pristine Wasini Island. Getting there involves sailing through the marine park on an authentic dhow before diving into the azure waters and discovering the colorful ocean life that lives there though you can alternatively use a motor boat. After either scuba diving or snorkeling or whatever it is you’d prefer, savor a tasty lunch on shore. While on this particular experience i’d advice you grab your underwater equipment of choice and plunge into the irresistible waters, rich in marine life.Float, swim, and marvel at the diversity of vibrant life in this reef habitat. For those with scuba kit, the excellent local dive sites are a hive of activity for larger creatures. After working up an appetite, pull yourself from the sea to enjoy a traditional lunch, served Swahili-style on the beach. As you eat, keep your eyes on the waves for dolphins coming to play in the island’s protected, majestic waters.I spent a weekend plus in Wasini and the only recommendation I have is; pack your bag already!

When i first heard of Wasini island i didn’t know exactly what to expect so i simply let the place surprise me.I remember being very excited packing my bags to an extent that i forgot my binoculars though that didn’t ruin the spirit,i was up to an adventure to a place i knew totally nothing about,plus i had the zoom option lol.Have a look at this


Thanks to the staircase by the gate i got closer to the ocean for a better view,i even managed getting a reflection of the sunset in the waters though to be honest, this’s not the kind of sun downer shot i anticipated,more the reason i need to pack a bag and head to Lamu
when morning came i was so excited i got out to learn more about Wasini mostly from the guides.This guy here sails you to a dhow that you can spot at the far edge.


With my sunnies in place it was about time
In my case i opted for a motor boat though i still wonder how a dhow ride experience usually is which is a good thing because this is the kinda curiosity that sends you on to another adventure
Different shades of blue
That’s Wasini Island far ahead
Almost there
Nature of wasini island
See who cannot wait for the boat to be anchored to step out
The curious faces from the residents
It’s awesome to once in a while try new things,travel to places you haven’t been to before(at least once in a year)try new food and even new food joints.Hello from Kaole restaurant
Kenyan cuisine,locally known as ‘sima’ and ‘Samaki’
Sea food.There is a variety to choose from when it comes to meals at the coastal region.The residents are really good in the kitchen,that i have to admit.
The mangrove forest.How beautiful is the shade of green?Did you know they grow is low oxygen areas and that there are about 80 species of them? Well, now you know. And ooh,they are tolerant to salt

Sun downer at Mkwiro island.There is usually not a lot to do in Mkwiro,the place has one primary school(Mkwiro primary school).The villagers here are mainly into fishing and before i forget,they are quite conservative too,i can remember vividly the looks they gave me because of how i was dressed.In my defense lol,i didn’t know they were,i have never even heard of the place until i got to Shimoni. Still this shot doesn’t change my mind,Lamu is a must visit
Featured in the first photo is shimoni slave caves where i was told slaves used to be smuggled through to Zanzibar.Shimoni caves is a must visit,the charges are Kes 100 as at the time we visited and again its a staggering distance from the Marine park.
The lovely Betty’s camp


She has been the photographer,meet Ray,but before i go,let me tell you one thing,the joy of being on an island is being able to enjoy a meal and at the same time have a view like this. Try Betty’s camp you can thank me later.The view from behind where i am(see the shot above) is not only spectacular but also breath taking. Lastly but not least,if you want to enjoy a swim with the dolphins,September is the perfect month. Don’t ask me why i didn’t truth is, i was all into the idea and so psyched actually until i got there and chickened out hahaha but i’ll still try that out when i grow up.


Thank you for stopping by,It’s always a pleasure having you here



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