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My dream has always been to get to all the 47 county’s of the magical Kenya.Minus Kisumu county am down to 4 though i do not see myself doing 2 (Mandera and Wajir county’s) but well, never say never. Over the Easter holiday i got to do a little emptying of the bucket list,I chose Kisumu and honestly,i couldn’t have had it any other way. I had one hell of an mind blowing experience,food had a lot to play in that for starters.I also got to connect with nature,learned a little bit more of the Luo community in addition to what i have learned from my colleagues and history lessons way back in school.Why have i never been to Kisumu before?🤷🏽‍♀

”There is magic,rest and respite under the Acacia and we are looking forward to spoiling you at our ‘Home of African Hospitality” so did my booking confirmation at Acacia Premier Hotel read.From what i had seen on their website and now this i couldn’t hesitate,plus again,who hates being spoiled? I could use that after the tiresome past few days and late working.


My first impression on walking into the lobby was classic beauty.I was immediately served endless luxury with a dash of charm and side of startling hospitality
The lobby


This is what the 5th floor looked like and the corridors to my room


Going an extra mile to make their guests feel welcome and valued. This was amazing
But a mirror selfie first


My fatigue instantly vanished the moment i drew the curtains to have a lake view only to be offered a front row seat to a spectacular view of Kisumu evening skyline. The sun was trying to prise the last of its amber limbs over the rooftops.I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery,Awe-inspiring!


Number one on my to do list while in Kisumu was to catch the sunset from an elevated angle,My room made it happen in a way i never could have fathomed, i got my picture perfect sun downer shot


The rooms are what i’ d call a definition  of perfection.They are a beautiful blend of luxury and comfort.For one of the places i was to call home during my stay in Kisumu it was basically everything i wanted


Stepping out for dinner.Buffet was being served on second floor at the aqua bar
A view of aqua bar and the lake from my room. The hyacinth is just a menace
 A view of vasity plaza from my room too.The elevation gave me an opportunity to view more of Kisumu architecture.
I am not really a breakfast person


This view of aqua bar was just awesome
I wish there were no hyacinths on the lake,this would just have been the sweetest view


I took a walk on the streets of the city which by the way was impressively clean,kudos to Kisumu county council
I got to explore this side of the town too
The African genre shield (ages) dance troupe are just bomb,just check them out if you ever visit the museum.They even engaged me in their dance and it was epic.What memories are made of!


Last mirror selfie in the room as i waited for the chauffeur to be transferred to hotel number 2 that i’ ll be featuring in Kisumu pt.2 by the way. You got to stay tuned

But before i go,here are my thoughts about  Acacia premier hotel;

  • A modern setting luxury hotel perfect for a holiday with a loved one or even family and friends.Did i mention that the attention to detail in the hotel’s decor is just, 👌🏼 exemplary ?
  • Very warm hospitality
  • Beautiful panoramic views of Kisumu and the lake from the rooms.Superior rooms offer the best lake views
  • Perfect place to catch the sunset as you wind up your day from the aqua bar
  • Great internet
  • very clean rooms
  • Lastly from an accountant(me) point of view,there is value for your money.

I hope you all had a great Easter holiday.Thank you always for stopping by.



6 thoughts on “Acacia premier hotel

  1. Great write up on Kisumu, I like your plan of 47 counties visitation. Next time you are in Kisumu try Sovereign hotel its a hidden gems also of Kisumu. Hope we shall meet on our road to adventure or even in the next campsite.

    Great write up

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