Impala Eco Lodge


Settling for Kisumu was a walk in the park,choosing where to stay on the other hand 🤦🤦.I had 5 items on my to do list while in Kisumu; To catch the sunset from an elevated angle,catch the sunset by the lake,go on either a sunrise or sunset cruise,delight in local cuisines and lastly learn something new about Kisumu, its residents and their culture.This list didn’t make it any easier for me as i found myself torn between Acacia Premier hotel and Jambo Impala Ecolodge and as a result i ended up settling for both. What i loved most about Jambo Impala Ecolodge was the ease in organizing for my cruise and the fact that its nestled by the lake shores which made actualizing my list so easy.

Jambo Impala Ecolodge is a few minutes drive from Kisumu town inside Kisumu Impala sanctuary . Unlike most of the hotels in the county its secluded,another thing i loved most about the Lodge which by the way i learned about its existence when i visited Jambo Mutara Camp. Booking with them was so easy,i was done in a minute and their response was almost instant,how awesome!

Changing hotels was yet another easy thing as Acacia premier hotel offers transport services at a fee
You can imagine how excited i was when i saw this.Impala Ecolodge was the place i ‘d tick the remaining three items from my list
When i walked in i was first met by this cool air that was the lake breeze that made me close my eyes in appreciation.I was warmly received at the reception by Susan who after i was done paying got me someone to help me with my bag to my room.
The cottages were beautiful and had a balcony sort of where you could sit and enjoy some cool air next to the lake,how awesome!( Kisumu is hot,though i can’t really say i felt the heat,compared to Kenya’s last and complete wilderness a’s heat(where i live) that was nothing). This is how my second home while in Kisumu looked like,super comfy, home away from home and oooh,their rooms got Ac,don’t you worry


View of my room by day


View of the restaurants sitting area next to the pool
And then came the eagerly awaited moment,oooh boy!! far beyond in the horizon the sun could be seen pouring out its brilliant hot oranges and reds into the clouds like a pot of molten lava casting yellow embers on the lovely waters of lake Victoria  that were now calm with the daylight still lingering in the air as though accidentally left behind. The cool evening breeze sweeping from the lake to the lodge was relaxing,Kisumu can be hot or rather,tried to be, to me that is.When i added ‘catch the sunset by the lake’ on my to do list,i never expected such a view.I was stupefied!!
If you ever find yourself at Impala Eco lodge,this is a must try and if Chef Ben Onyango fixes it,prep yourself for a finger licking meal.Its like he read my mind for a moment there.The meal was as delicious as it looks.


View of my rooms dining/resting area by night

Notice that on this trip i took zero selfies(the world knows it,i love selfies) using a selfie stick. Well,choosing hotels wasn’t the only thing i was having difficulties with,what bag to carry was also an issue.In the process of switching bags packing and unpacking i left the crucial part(a screw) of the selfie stick in one of the bags hence such selfies which by the way are work!!


All set for a cruise,it was raining but that couldn’t make me give up
Hyacinth situation.I was told that it does migrate and that had i come some time in May i ‘d have been blown away *sobs* .I could only imagine how beautiful the view would be at this hour(early morning) minus the rains and cloud cover plus now the rising sun’s rays reflecting on the lakes waters (try picturing that view)
Breakfast by Chef George was all yummy *laughs*…When i placed my order for breakfast i settled for fruits and proteins but the chef had to send for starchy foods,trying to keep my breakfast balanced,Thank you Chef. But truth is at this point all i cared about was that cruise and the rains that were standing on my way
This was the most thrilling cruise,it reminded me of wasini only that the waters weren’t as clear.I was told i couldn’t do a sunset cruise due to the hyacinth and i couldn’t manage to catch the sunrise too because we had woken up to heavy rains. I also got to spot some hippos but i didn’t get any shots of them,blame it on being lost in the moment



A view of other cottages from mine.Minus the hyacinths this would have been the perfect location to catch the sun downer from as the lake shores are right next to the cottages plus again,its from the comfort of your room!
pool time
Sun-kissed dinning area by the setting sun


The light of the day losing and partying away like a defeated king giving up his throne with the waters at the far end gleaming in the last rays of the setting sun,perfection! I could get used to these views!
Live for the moments you can’t put into words!
After too much time in the pool and the evening breeze i was almost going down with a flu hence the lemon tea thanks to Chef Ben.His meals were everything
Am used to Zebras of Meru National Park that will run on sight of an oncoming vehicle or someone.The zebras of Impala Sanctuary are the opposite,i took this shot standing a metre away from them,i couldn’t believe it.

Well,Lake Victoria is the second largest fresh water lake in the world and over the years it used to be wealthy enough in terms of fish species to feed the population that lived around the lake.I was curious to know what species were threatened and i found out that the haplochromines are,sad.

The only thing i never got to achieve on my list was catching the sunrise but that was well compensated by the amazing sunsets i watched *breathes in and out* mmmmhh, Kisumu was awesome.

And oh,Thank you Bata kenya for keeping my feet so comfortable while on my safari with your white rubber shoes.They are life! and to Jambo Chester Hotels,you certainly made my holiday a one to remember so here is a big thank you

It’s always a pleasure having you here,hope you stick around for some more

love & love


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  1. That’s a great choice you made, I would recommend if you go back for Pt.3 be a guest at Sovereign Hotel and let me be the first to hear your experience

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