Try googling Garissa and almost everything you’ll see will be negative.Tell someone you are heading to Garissa and see how they look at you that is if they don’t ask you; what’s good in Garissa?,where will you stay? and the obvious that i won’t mention. Today am here to appreciate and write something positive about the town .Something that quite a number of you know nothing about,The answer to where will you stay. Garissa’s hospitality industry which i have to admit given the challenges the town has faced in the past,it is really growing.

I have had the pleasure of visiting the town twice my second time being last week.I’ ll be sharing my experiences in Almond Resort and Lantern Resorts  respectively and hope when done you’ll all agree with me that Garissa has a beautiful side.

Somali’s pastoralism nature cannot be ignored


River Tana as you enter Garissa town

During my first visit i got to experience Almond Resort.This was early last year and i lost quite a number of my photos from that visit *sob* but from the few i could gather that i had shared on my social media platforms i think you can still get my point from below,Almond is beautiful.I never ideated existence of such a lovely hotel in Garissa, I was blown away from the moment i stepped out of the car.

The lobby
A view of other rooms from mine.The sun during the day doesn’t make it any easy if you looking to taking great pictures



This was one of the best shots i took from the rooms balcony
The well manicured lawns,quite beautiful,right? I loved what they have done with the place,It makes you forget you are in Garissa


This was me trying to chase the sunset and i failed
The rooms are cosy and have great Ac’s too


A touch of the coast
Who would have thought such a lovely pool existed in Garissa! I took this shot from my rooms balcony after i had woken up to realize that i was way too late for sunrise.I was trying out what could have been.

Last week i visited  Lantern Resort (work & pleasure) and i cannot seem to find the right words to define the place so i’ ll just leave the photos here, you tell me what you think.

Welcome to Lantern Resort
Past the gate this is one of your first views as you choose where to park.I never knew of Lantern Resort until my second visit in Garissa. I didn’t know either what to expect of the place.In my mind i couldn’t help but wonder whether the place would match Almond until this view oooh boy!


Sun-kissed view of the lawns
This looks like me lol
The roof to the left is the conference room,the thatched roof to the right the restaurant
View of the hotel from outside the conference room’s parking
That’s me adding colour to the view
If there is one thing i couldn’t get enough of it was these views,the trees are so deliciously green! The species thrive so well in coast and clearly in Garissa too and i was told it had something to do with the heat.
The restaurant
There is a lot to beguile in as far as their cuisines are concerned
A view of the swimming pool


I took this shot from the hotels entrance,straight ahead is the reception


The lobby
View of the conference room and the restaurant (the roof tops on the other side of the wall) from first floor


Just the place to end the day



I missed the sun set last year,i couldn’t miss it given a second chance.Here i was chasing it on the streets when Lantern fell short of my expectations
This shot was my favorite.I may have been a minute late but not too late.I captured this from a roof top opposite club 3D

I have only featured two hotels though i hear Nomad Palace Hotel is great too.I wouldn’t tell for sure for i haven’t been there but next time am visiting the town i sure will stay with them and i’ ll of course share my experience.


My two cents on both hotels

  • There are plenty of trees and grass that’s all well taken care of, which is a relief in the blistering heat of Garissa.
  • Both hotels are Cosy and Oasis in the desert
  • Their landscaping is amazing
  • very friendly staff and great services at Lantern Resort
  • Great food in both hotels

If you ever find yourself in Garissa town and ain’t sure where to stay,pick either of the two,you can thank me later.I hope this post adds something positive to what you already know about Garissa town.



Love & Love


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  1. That’s wonderful to hear the story of places many doubted me when I could try to tell them that what they hear on media and newspapers about some places is just the negative side and it would only take one to go and see the positive to the beautiful sites that such places hold. Great work and keep exploring

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