Footprints in Tanzania


Hello loves,i trust you all have been good since the last time.If you follow me on social media then you probably know what am here to share about.How many photos are too many for a post because i have a feeling this is going to be the lengthiest post i’ ll ever do.Seriously, i don’t know what to leave out,i feel like every photo plays a role.

It couldn’t possibly get any more story-bookish than this place.Picture this; A beautiful lake with shimmering piercingly blue waters glints in the sunlight, fringed with a forest full of lush green trees that grace its periphery, and right at the edge of this hilly idyllic, picture perfect scene is Wag Hill lodge & Spa Seriously, pinch me already! 

Wag Hill lodge & Spa is about 45 minutes drive from Mwanza town and pictures or words do not do justice to this incredible landscape; I could very easily have spent a couple of days hanging around and just soaking it all in. Yes, I know I am gushing here but Wag Hill is really that magical and I’ll say it again, no pictures or words do justice to the place. Thankfully there are loads of outdoor activities that showcase her picturesque panoramas and take your breath away, giving you time to steep your soul in nature (glad am a full time nature lover) and leaving you with beautiful, lingering memories of this wondrous place.

Wag Hill lodge & Spa  is visually stimulating and has been kept to unobtrusive and cluttered designs.The use of raw materials and natural textures keep the rhythms of the natural environment flowing through the structures. Welcome and thank you for spending a part of your day with me as I show you Wag Hill through my eyes.

I’ ll take the memories,welcome to Wag Hill Lodge and Spa
But first,meet the place i called home.Gorgeous,right?



The view of the granite rocks at the other edge of the lake was simply breathtaking


Apart from the luxury tents the lodge also has a suite,The Royal Sultan suite,check out the photos below


DSCN3622DSCN3616DSCN3614DSCN3613Quite something but that’s not all, there is a lot to be seen and like i said,no words can describe Wag hill and that’s why i’ ll let the photos tell my story


If i were on the other side of this post the foodie in me would probably be wondering what their meals are like,and am all photos today,so



My last encounter with lake Victoria wasn’t that much of a good one and it had a lot to do with the hyacinths but not this time round.When the time came,i was ready and it was ‘rock the boat party’ O’ clock,a cruise party. I was really looking forward to the views the lake offered,clear blue waters


This one right here was captured by my ‘competitor’ and i think he won.If you reading this Bob,this was one hell of a great shot
View of the tents from the lake
The exact view from my tent but now at a close rage.God knows how many shots of the view i took from my tent.I couldn’t get enough of this view,be it at night or day not forgetting the sun rose behind this hill
Did i mention the granite rocks?
View of mwanza town from the lake
The cruise party dubbed ‘rock the boat party’ happened and it was epic
MV Fuata nyayo right before your eyes
And there goes the sun casting its golden rays down upon the clouds of billowing smoke, turning them bright red; fire red.How i love sunsets!
The sunset is merely a prelude to the dawn, yet its majesty fills my mind with the most beautiful of dreams


That right there is Mwanza town,very clean, very beautiful

This trip started off as a trip to Kigali, Kampala and Jinja where i was really looking forward to bungee jumping then we decided why not start with Mwanza, best decision of my life. Kigali Uganda may not have happened,i might have to paraglide before bunjee jumping but am fine with all that.

Wag Hill lodge &spa surpassed my expectations,it was quite an adventure considering i don’t feel guilty for cheating on +254 lol. Thank you Stejo Tours& Travel for the most memorable and amazing holiday of my life.It was the first time i chose to travel with you and i cannot say i was disappointed,to Wag Hill lodge &spa thank you for having me

My two cents about Wag Hill

If you are looking for a place to have your honeymoon,celebrate an anniversary or even treat yourself to a nice holiday,consider Wag Hill,you can thank me later.

I cannot fault the place,Wag Hill is the antidote to the 21st century life

Its always a pleasure having you here,hope you loved today’s read.

Love & Love


6 thoughts on “Footprints in Tanzania

  1. I enjoye my stay at wagwill as well and am greatful the trip added a bunch of friends to my friend list and Ray Tops the list……looking forward for more travel experience witj @stejostoursand travel


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