Kiira Cottage

There are loads of things one can do on a weekend one being road trips,shopping (laughs), trying out recipes,camping,hiking, sampling cuisines(clearly the foodie in me cannot be surpressed) and weekend getaways just to mention a few. I mentioned road trips and before i embark on the later,if you’ve never been to Mt Ololokwe, just hit the road already. The view in itself will forever be a vivid memory in your mind.

Up until Thursday afternoon last week if someone had asked me where my itchy travel feet would take me next i’ d have been very quick to mention Laikipia(i was really certain about it that i even had a blog title of the trip on draft) but all that changed when a friend of mine brought Kiira cottage  to my attention via whatsapp. I knew of its existence that i even had it in my bucketlist but not really a priority though i have to admit the photos i recieved on thursday afternoon were enough to make my feet itch.I was in for the weekend adventure on a whim. The whole getaway idea was a last minute thing but when you have Stejos Tours behind the wheel,what’ s there to worry about?


Me at the view point

Naivasha is easy to get to from Nairobi, takes about 2hours. I’ve actually been to Naivasha a couple of times now, but last weekend was different and I loved it. In among visiting Hell’s gate National Park ,crescent Island,crater lake, Mount Longonot,Ol Karia Geothermal Power Plant and the least popular Lake Oloiden there’s just a certain feeling that Naivasha offers that you can’t bottle or fake, it  just has it in abundance.

View of the cottage

 A 2.5Km rough road off Moi South lake road led us(me and a couple of amazing friends i made at Waghill lodge ) to Kiira cottage that is well tucked within Kedong Ranch. The rustic finishing and all natural ambience are one to savour. From the lake views to views of Mt Longonot to the charming sunsets and repose, Kiira cottage is the perfect place to escape the world to.

The Cottage boasts a full span glass wall,is there really a better way to capture the sunset?





Foosball Table, played for the first time and game is fun.My team actually won




Kiira Cottage offers a spacious all en-suite luxurious tent tastefully designed and constructed with unique and stylish furniture designs that present a relaxing vacationing mood,all to myself,this was my home
The tent from inside
View of lake Naivasha from the tent


Kiira cottage is one item off my bucket list. If you’ve been considering visiting Naivasha now you have one more corner of it to look up and i hope this post inspires you. Kiira was really kind to me and my friends,we really enjoyed our stay.

It’s always a pleasure having you here,till next time,cheers.


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  1. that’s come at the right time having read about it and seen the pictures but was waiting for a very trusted review from someone I know, now let me pack and gather my fellow adventure seekers to be guest at this magnificent destination.

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