Glamping in Laikipia


Laikipia, a county that over time I have become unashamedly addicted to. The more I explore her, the more mysteries and beauty she reveals making me want to spend more and more time exploring the breadth of her unparalleled land. I’ve taken you on Safari to Laikipia before and today, I welcome you on board for yet another adventure, Sieku Glamping.

Being the first time for this kind of experience you can imagine how excited i was but first things first, what is glamping? Well, to me, glamping is a blend of glamour and camping. While camping, as a friend of mine likes to put it (i do not agree with him) when turning down a camping offer, is where one spends a small fortune to live like a homeless person lol, glamping on the other hand is a way of experiencing the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort and luxury and the best part with glamping, a tent is put up for you.

Beautiful brown wheat fields and recently cleared wheat fields stretch out endlessly before me as i approach Timau, and to my left, the snow dusted peaks of Mt. Kenya pops out shyly. I can tell they had an argument with the clouds in the morning,the view is breathtaking. With the rains showing up earlier than i expected at some point i almost gave up the whole glamping thing,how could i get to Sieku and not watch the sun rise or set? I am a sucker of the the two. Seeing the sky this clear was such a relieve,a feeling that didn’t last long.  Had i known,i’d have captured that moment when i still had the chance. The weather changed almost not long after we got to Sieku Glamping and was iffy throughout our stay.

Scenically located,tastefully presented and economically priced,ladies and gentlemen,Sieku glamping, a place i got to call home sometime back last week.

On getting to Sieku we were warmly received by Legei who showed us around before we settled in. Sieku has a combination of bell tents,a tipi tent and a touareg tent. we stayed in a bell tent.


When the nights get cold,this is your place especially if you are a group and i kid you not,watching the sky at night from here is everything.
The bathrooms. Sieku doesn’t have flash toilets,they instead have cute wooden drop down loo painted in white. They are really eco friendly, you take your rubbish back with  you,the non biodegradable ones
View of Mt Lossos at the farthest end and a dam right in Borana concervancy
This is what a shower in Sieku Glamping looks like. Hot water is provided that is input in this bucket and you ready to go,one of a kind!
It might look like just a tent from the outside… the camp doesn’t have electricity but it’s no big deal, you can still charge your phone and camera, they have a solar system. At night they use  D-light solar lamps just like the one hanging next to our tent and lanterns


Home away from home
The tent has two deckchairs and a comfy sofa where you can always relax. You can get very nice views of the Borana ranch from here btw. and that’s me
She will be your photographer,always trying to get the best views


Perfect for bush breakfast,relaxing during the day but if you want great views,this is your place. We were told that on clear mornings one could see mount Warges, the largest mountain in the Mathews range and at the start of the Range, mount Oloolokwe. If you’ve been to Samburu that mountain should be familiar. The mornings weren’t kind to us though from here i got great views of Mt Lossos,Mukogodo forest and Borana Ranch,their dam and airstrip.


A runway on Borana ranch


I said it was just not a tent!


The inside is just gorgeous. At night they placed these water bottles on the bed with hot water and by the time we got to bed, it was already warm. The staff are quite friendly and ready to attend to your every need
Very sweet and comfortable,i was really happy for the first time when i couldn’t catch the sunrise because it meant i could get back to bed plus you all know how sweet a warm bed on a cold rainy  morning is
This is as good as glamping gets. Sieku has all the good bits of sleeping under canvas and none of the not so nice bits,the nights are perfect; under the canopy of stars sipping my wine as i allow the beauty of what was before my eyes to sink in,i couldn’t imagine anywhere else i’ d rather be,a great place to escape from it all.
The mess tent
Chilling spot in the mess tent


As you wait for your meals,this is a bed in the mess tent where you can also chill at


The dining area
This flower caught my eye. It’s beaded and i bet you hadn’t noticed till i told you,right?
Lentanbin, our night guard was really kind to light us the fire when it got too cold
You can watch the birds too. This one was busy singing from our tents roof hence caught my attention. When i got out he flew away but not too far for my cam
After i tried capturing her from Sieku Glamping in vain,this is the view she gave me from Timau on my way back to Meru. isorait!

There are a plethora of outdoor activities to take advantage of while in Sieku Glamping from visiting Ngare Ndare forest, Lewa conservancy,visiting Mukogodo forest and taking a bush walk just to mention a few. Just to add, Ngare Ndare has these nice sweet natural blue pools that will have you all in swimming mood in seconds.

I was told sunrises and sunsets are the best times at Sieku Glamping as the light glows up the surrounding landscapes and everything is picture perfect and with the sun setting at the back of lol daiga hills,i could only imagine how spectacular the view is. I know for a fact that i am heading back to sieku soon once the rains are gone just for the sunrises and sunsets,i am really curious.

It was my very first time glamping and i really had an amazing experience,i cannot fault Sieku. Rob, the host, is great. He kept us updated on the weather and the state of the road which was really helpful. If you’ve never ‘glamped’ ,what are you waiting for?

If you are visiting during the rainy season, a 4 by 4 is a must,like a MUST. It’ll also come in handy if you wish to visit Ngare Ndare. The nights are also cold,pack warm. During the dry season the road is very accessible. The distance from Timau to Sieku Glamping is around 10.3kms, booking is via air bnb.

P.S. the opinions in this post are my own and not sponsored.


Till next time, cheers



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