I have been pretty busy the past one month and this felt like a well deserved get away. My body and soul were craving for one and i am glad i chose Lamu county. I am a fervent lover of sunrises and sunsets,i know you know this already but just in case you didn’t 😊, and i had been longing to catch them from Lamu for a while so believe me when i tell you being in Lamu was such a big deal for me not just because of the rises and sets or this trip being my very first in the island but also because of the endless beaches (archipelago’s best beach), miles of sandy shores that tease you with their perfectly sculpted offshore waves to walk,the towns culture,the cuisines,cocktails ; and besides,what could be more relaxing?

Lamu is a small paradise off Kenyan coast. The laid-back atmosphere and feeling surrounding the place is incomparable to any other place. Besides from being Kenya’s oldest living town, she is the most populated place on the island. Next comes Shela, a small settlement, and this is also where Baitil Aman is located and where i stayed just to add. Where Shela ends the beach begins. Here you will have no problem finding your own spot. You have eight,a whole eight ki-lo-me-tres of beach to choose from. In fact,very few people who decide to walk to the end of the beach make it.

You will find no cars on Lamu Island, they are not allowed and the streets are too narrow anyway. The main transportation is by dhow, a typical Lamu sailing boat. If you don’t want to use the dhow you walk or take a ride with one of the many donkeys living on the island. From Lamu town to Shela you have a nice 30-minutes walk along the shoreline.

Taking a walk around Lamu town or Shela is like walking through a mace of incredible architecture and history. I might run the risk of typing all day about Lamu’s irresistible appeal so….


The tell tales that we were approaching Manda airport
Transfer from Manda to Shela was by dhow


Lamu uber


WaterMark_2018-06-05-22-06-57At the northern end of Shela Village where the houses meet the sea and the ancient craft of dhow building is still practiced with bow and drill and traditional hand-tools, stands Jaha house ,where we stayed. It’s roughly a 30 minutes cruise from the airport. How about a little tour of the place i called home for four days.

The library
My home away from home. I loved everything about this room. I could catch the sunrises and sunsets from here and still enjoy great views of the ocean and Manda island across during the day. How awesome!


Views from my room


Our chef was out on a mission to ensure that i added a few kilos before i left the island😄😄😄. The meals were finger licking.



If there was a moment i couldn’t wait for,it had to be the sunset dhow cruise. I have been to 44 of 47 county’s of my very beautiful country Kenya and i have tried capturing sunsets in every visit but non came close to what Lamu county offered. She read my mind,picture perfect sun downer shots just like i was hoping for. Check this out






A visit to Lamu is definitely incomplete without a tour to the UNESCO world heritage city. The donkeys are such an integral part of life in Lamu town, so much that they have their own hospital. The tour is all good until the unforgiving heat of the coastal sun kicks in. Fortunately the buildings in Lamu are built close to each other with very narrow streets to shield one from the heat. The walls of the houses are built with limestone and thick enough such that when it rains they lock in some moisture which keeps the houses cool from the inside when it gets too hot.

A tour to Lamu town
These bats have found a home in this tree during the day



Saba furniture company



Lamu island presents limitless attractions of the natural beauty the island exhibits and its calm atmosphere. From Lamu’s history and culture to its scenic beaches, you’ll be in awe of what this island offers.

That wasn’t all, The Majlis happened. A  privately owned beach hotel situated in the heart of Kenya on Manda Island, Lamu, is a perfect blend of local tradition, Swahili culture, Western comforts, and luxury,don’t you agree?check this out.


Notice the beautiful beaded chairs in one of the lounges


Very well thought of


My spot in Majlis


The restaurant
The chic villas in Majlis




Lamu was all things great and i have my usual travel partner( Stejos tours )to thank for that. It’s always a pleasure having you here and i hope you enjoy today’s read,till next time,cheers.






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