Road trip to Moshi


As you may already know i was in Moshi not so long ago on a road trip that ended at this amazing place which i happened not to share many photos of,it’s been a busy couple of days, but am glad i can get to share the experience now.  To some of you Kikuletwa hot springs is no new name,some of you might have been there and some could be having the place in their bucket list. Well, i am here for the later. And i’ ll tell you what i wish someone had told me, you don’t need a couple of hours here,make it a day,all worth it. I am not feeling much like words today so…

I always find myself worried about where to stay while on a safari. During my road trip i stayed at Salinero Hotel  which i’ d recommend if you are looking for the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation


The restaurant
Excuse the foodie in me


My room


Somewhere along the way to Kikuletwa. From the hotel to the hot springs was roughly one hour



How delicious!!
View of Mount Meru from Arusha town


Isn’t she gorgeous!
Yummiest chicken ever!!! It’ s all i remember this place for
Mount Longido
And the road trip Ended with a stunning view of the sunset just before we got to the border


If you’ve ever doubted whether to do Kikuletwa or not, I hope this post helps you come to a unequivocal ‘hell yeah!’ but remember, a day at least for the hot springs. Its a worthwhile life commercial break.


It’s always a pleasure having you here,till next time, cheers




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