Am yet to wake up one day and decide i need a holiday and not have to choose between locations,my life will be so easy! A week before Mambrui  on an afternoon i paused my schedule, googled two locations, got their contacts,placed calls to both hotels,settled on one,called my agency and booked a return flight. The fatigue was that bad and i felt like at some point i’ d shut down. The choice between Watamu and Mambrui wasn’t an easy one, kite surfing in Che shale settled the tie.

The best 15kms drive from Malindi can only lead you to Kola beach resort and i mean it. It Features a lush garden with palms and bougainvilleas, has a private sandy beach along the Indian Ocean, offers a beachfront restaurant (imagine having your meals as you watch the ocean) and a boutique with handcrafted souvenirs not forgetting where you retire after the days activities;17 villas each with 2 junior bedrooms on the ground floor with an outside terrace and one double major on the first floor with a large balcony and by  large i mean laaaarge! and then there is the pool,ooh boy! Hope you get the picture?

In some cases you’ll find a place is not as beautiful as it looks on photos, Kola beach is actually the vice versa. Dear readers, Kola beach resort as seen through my eyes,where luxury,comfort and leisure takes you on a dream journey into the unique wilderness of the African land.

At a fee you’ll get transfer services from the airport. The drive from Malindi past river Galana to Kola beach is magical


The conference room



Gold 55 restaurant


The meals were delicious

I always try something new while on a safari. Carpaccio di tonno didn’t disappoint. I loved how the waitresses would just elaborate what a meal was all about especially the Italian ones. Makes it all very easy for first timers like me


This is what i was talking about when i said having meals and a view at the same time,the sound of the waves,sweet!


The bar


I couldn’t ignore the elephant in the room.



And of course the rooms. Unfortunately i don’t like any of the photos i took from the room,i don’t know when my photography skills started wondering the other lane. But here is what i loved,their towels are pure white like snow,clean and so are their bedding, the two things am usually very keen about. The bathroom is spacious, the huge windows in the room when left open at night will leave you not needing to use the AC.

Sitting space outside the junior bedroom
Here is The balcony,with a sea view by the way. From experience,if you booking,take the major suite



The endless gold beaches and sandy shores tease you with their perfectly sculpted offshore waves. The friendly coastal town has every local under its spell. Surfing in Che shale is peaceful and not clouded like you may find in any other place with good waves. The welcoming faces make the ocean seem like a party. A party that everyone is invited to. The landscape is beautiful constantly reminding you of the power of nature.

Her surfing experience in Che shale


Che shale has literally the sweetest beach ever.


Mambrui was nothing short of amazing thanks to the very welcoming staff of Kola beach led by their manager. They really made my stay a pleasant one. My apologies for a very long post. I found photos of Kola beach not as beautiful as the place is,had i probably i wouldn’t have had to choose between it and the place i had in mind in watamu. This is me today trying to ease another wonder luster’s decision.


As usual its a pleasure having you here and i hope you’ve enjoyed today’s read.





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