DSCN8707The very first time i came across Samatian Island was on twitter and as i re tweeted the post i couldn’t help but admire her beauty. At no particular time did i imagine it was in Kenya (clearly i under estimated my country’s beauty). Of course the adventurer in me wanted to visit the island,not as soon as it happened though.

The small and exclusive Samatian is set on a private Island on Lake Baringo in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley roughly 5hrs from Nairobi. With its breath-taking views across the waters of the lake to the imposing backdrop of the Laikipia Escarpment, the island offers the perfect getaway. The beauty of Baringo, and i kid you not, is legendary, with its spectacular sunsets, dazzling array of bird life, and the Njemps fishermen continuing a traditional lifestyle. Samatian Island offers guests the ultimate in relaxation in magical surroundings. Accommodation comprises 5 airy, open-plan, en suite thatched rooms. 2 rooms are family units with a partitioned bedroom, verandah, sitting room and bathroom. Samatian is run as a small family homestay, ideally for 12  or less self catered guests, catering can be arranged  by special arrangement for a party of 6 guests or more.

My experience in photos


Transport from the main land to the island is via a boat of course



The island at a distance



View of the the sunrise from the comfort of my bed and sunset while having a shower is what my room offered. Do i need to say this was everything to me?


There are a couple of things you can do while at Samatian. You can visit Ol kokwe island for a view of Ol kokwe hot springs.



While at it you can feed the birds. We watched this baby grab a fish we had thrown at him in the lake. There is a sound the locals usually make that the birds seem to understand too well what it means



Ol kokwe hot springs behind us. There is also a small market right next to the hot springs where you can buy a few souvenirs,all traditional.

You can also visit Giraffe island



That’s me and the endangered Rothschild’s giraffes posing for a photo. You’ll easily confuse them for reticulated giraffes but the big difference is on the pattern on their feet. Unlike the reticulated giraffes these ones have a more like white sock pattern,am trying to find an easier explanation lol



We were quite unlucky. The pool as a result of the floods had been submerged into the lake,it has been for a while and if you noticed from some shots above you’ll see that one structure is partly in the water too. As a result we had to go swimming elsewhere, Soi safari lodge



I still can’t stop loving this shot



The sunrise,captured right outside my room


The sun set



And of course, she is one of the two faces behind all the photography


Samatian was a blast. It’s been a long day am not sure my eyes can take it any more but i do hope this post gives you a reason to add the island to your bucket list.

Thank you for reading Travel By Ray,till next time,cheers