Olarro Plains


Yesterday I did a post on Olarro lodge and little Olarro and as Part 2 of my post I am meant to bring you with me to the beautiful and stylish Olarro plains, a place i was also guest to during my stay in Olarro. Before that lets head back to Olarro lodge for a minute. Notice how the interiors are beautifully painted all white giving a swahili feeling. The staircase and the bed  reminded me so much about Lamu.



At Olarro plains, AKA where I want to spend the rest of my life, nothing is too much and just like Olarro lodge,the attention to detail is amazing. From the welcome at the entrance, to the architecture, the decor,warm hospitality to the exemplary services. Its strategic location affords you the unparalleled views of a series of dramatic landscapes and a panorama that extends to the horizon where the sun sets.

The swahili touch extends to Olarro plains too. This door must be taking you to Lamu. We arrived at the plains in good time for lunch. This door right here opens to a little slice of heaven on earth. Walk with me


At the other side of this door to your left is the dining area and bar to the right. Straight ahead is an infinity pool overlooking and serving you with views of the pristine African savanna teeming with wildlife.

The dining area
Am your guide through this sumptuous property





Watching wildlife and the sunset from this infinity pool was what i did more of compared to swimming.
The screen allows one to watch animals gather to drink without moving an inch as the property overlooks a waterhole and a live feed beams every beat into the bar.
I captured my friends quenching their thirst at one of the water holes from the comfort of the lodge
Lunch was served by the pool



My first impression on walking into the room was classic beauty. I was immediately served endless luxury with a dash of charm. The plains has four double and four twin rooms all en suite each beautifully designed. Have a look.

Every room has its own patio. From here you have a panoramic view of the conservancy and the wildlife. At night though a little bit cold,from here you also get to listen to roars of the wildlife. In the evenings the patio offers you a breath taking view of the sunset if you can’t make it to the pool. The view is all kinds of perfect from there.












And then there was the evening cocktails as we waited for the sunset. If you read my articles you should know the moment means a whole world to me. The sunset is merely a prelude to the dawn, yet its majesty fills my mind with the most beautiful of dreams.


From the infinity pool right beside my cock tail i watched the awe-inspiring sun dance in to the horizon;all glorious, rosy and salmon-pink. My photographer Eliud did justice in documenting the moment.How beautiful!


Breakfast,quite a feast!



A trip to the Mara ecosystem and its environs is incomplete without a visit to the Maasai villages. There is so much to learn that someone can’t from the books or at the comfort of the lodge.

Fire making is one of the aspects of Maasai life that i got to experience while we visited the villages.
We got to see the traditional Maasai homes, crafts including bead work and learned about Maasai customs such as the ceremonial rituals undergone when transitioning from childhood to warrior to elder. I enjoy A traditional Maasai dance that included the Warrior jumping contest, i was no match to him clearly.
Yet one of the activities that can be enjoyed while at Olarro. This was my second experience and the thrill never gets any different,always feels like a first time.
This was taken on our way out at one of their CSR projects

We also got to experience and enjoy a bush dinner, a spectacular dining experience under a star-studded sky which i have no photos of as my camera acted up. We are still having a talk.

That’s all about my experience at Olarro. I hope you enjoy both reads. You can catch up with part one here.

Till next time,cheers.



















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