On Island Time: Funzi – Wasini


LRM_EXPORT_50285366899566_20190424_004952009Is it too hot or am i the only one feeling the heat? Hello dear readers,i trust you all having a fantastic week. It’s a little crazy for me here,too much to do and having hold of my favorite series isn’t making things any better. I know for sure if i don’t get this post done now, am certainly almost never doing it.

Funzi is the only destination i can say never got to enjoy the warmth or cold of my bucket list. I was inspired by a thread i saw on twitter as i was sitting in the office on a hot afternoon,not like there is any afternoon that is never hot around here. It made my thoughts drift to relaxing on a beach with a cocktail in hand. If the swelling on my legs was anything to go by i’d say i rushed this trip. Flights were fully booked and we had to take a bus instead. The answer to the question whether it was worth all the hustle is a big YES.

Both Funzi and Wasini islands are in Kwale,coast Kenya. I’ll not be writing much on Wasini as i have done that in the past which you can read here. Funzi island is the main island of the four mangrove islands. Its beaches are unsullied. The island is not that much populated,it consists of a single village and the only community living there are the shirazis as our boat guy to the sand bank told us. The Island is mostly fringed with mangrove forests. At low tide, a number of magnificent sand banks emerge from the ocean around providing a play ground for a few hours until the ocean rises and washes away any trace of visitors. The island is also close to the Pemba Channel, one of Kenya’s best areas for deep-sea fishing. River Ramisi’s mouth being close to the Island makes it possible for a boat ride up the estuary for an excellent excursion.

Kwale was an amazing experience. I really can’t express how beautiful these islands are. Reality beats expectation when you visit them and the photos you see scattered around the internet really are a true image of how they both look like. Below is what i got to do.

A visit to Wasini island where i got to enjoy snorkeling for the first time. The ride to Wasini was a bumpy one though. We never spotted the dolphins


Lunch on the Island


I have to admit i caught the best sunset photos on this day


Funzi Island


We were almost late for the party. It had been raining for the better part of the morning. Notice the ocean rising and about to wash away any trace of us
How gorgeous are the sandbanks really? Its actually the best place to swim,the waters are inviting.






8 thoughts on “On Island Time: Funzi – Wasini

  1. Hi Ray,
    Cool experience there. Indeed this is one of the best you’ve ever done – precise yet so detailed to capture the full experience.
    Thanks for the sharing.

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