Olelek Ranch House

Bless you Carol for discovering this place for us. Last weekend was nothing short of a blast, the kind that adds life to your days. It’s been a while since i last had so much fun having spent the last month buried in books but well, it’s over. Good company, great environment and lots of laughter are few of the ingredients that made up my weekend but let me first introduce you to what was our home.

When you hear the word “Ranch” it’s common to think of a salad dressing or a farm full of roaming cows and probably, probably some cowboys. Olelek ranch house, a 7 bed-roomed house is the contrary to that. Lovely views, distinctive styling and country living is what it’s all about, what awaits you. A private house for guests who desire a serene Kenyan Rift valley holiday destination. Olelek Ranch House is set on a 16 acre ranch in a Maasai neighborhood. It’s a 2 hrs drive from Kenya’s capital on the Nairobi – Namanga Highway and 15 kms from Kajiado town where 10 kms are a bumpy ride. The house is set between two seasonal rivers. When the weather is as stunning as the view, it makes sense to appreciate the outdoors space. The house boasts a private plunge pool which by the way is available on request as water is scarce. The pool isn’t the only thing you get at the ranch house. There is a large deck as well. Not the decorative, display a potted plant kind of deck but the gather around a barrel, strum the guitar, play games, drink lemonade,wine or whiskey kind of deck. The kind that beckons friends and housemates to sit a spell.

The house is made of natural material. There is a little bit of concrete paired with wood to give it a modern look and still maintain some rustic charm and a calm look. When the landscape around is so beautiful, it only made sense not to cover up the views with wall space hence the large windows that reconnects you with nature. The house is available on a self catering basis and has an open plan kitchen at your disposal.

Olelek ranch house is a haven of tranquility and conviviality that rejects the rigidity of modern life. It offers all the ingredients of a restful stay. I certainly cannot fault the place. Below are my favorite photos 

The long dusty Roads brings you to this beauty. P. S. Google maps won’t get you exactly here but somewhere close. Sadly they do not have any signages to direct someone other than some white and yellow stones but you can call them for directions. 


The dining area. The meals shared here are unforgettable.


And then there is more sitting space right next to the dining area. It comes in handy when it gets too cold at the deck.


How lovely is this space? Am still in love with their mats.


I must have mentioned the deck somewhere up at the beginning of the post…Well,here it is. The great height bar set helps one enjoy the nature down below. The height is perfect to sit and watch nature as you enjoy your aperitifs. 


The seating area has been softened with pillows tempting one to linger longer on the deck.




If only the weather was kinder!


The large windows do not only let in lots of natural light which makes the rooms look cheerful but also offer panoramic views of the surroundings,that aesthetic appeal. The bedrooms aren’t the only ones coming with the larges windows,the bathrooms too do.
Part of this reminded me of Kiira cottage
If you go hiking you might recognize this view.
A trip is incomplete without my signature shot


Thank you Evans. The meat was so delicious looking at it now is making me salivate so excuse me if i can’t say more about this photo.


And absolutely had a blast.


 While at the ranch house you can engage in activities such as hiking,billiards, sunset viewing and meat grilling just to mention a few. 

That’s about all as far as our little escape to Kajiado is concerned. It’s a pleasure having you here and i do hope you enjoyed today’s read and probably got an idea or two. Have a lovely week. cheers















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  1. I absolutely loved the place, special thankd to Evans for being a jovial host and whipping us delicious meals. All i can say is that it was a weekend well spent for me as well. PS. Thanks for the photos.

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