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You are never too old to read a good story or  make one of your own and as far as south coast is concerned, everyone has their favorite. The moment you realize that the Kenyan coast has its own distinct personality. The moment you end up telling your friends about endlessly when you get home. It could be the long enviable beaches to walk on,overwhelming sight of swimming dolphins, the sight of the blood red sun as it dips beneath the sea, the smell of freshly cooked Biriani, a sail to one of the magnificent islands, the Swahili rich cultural heritage, dinner on the beach with a loved one, or the feeling of warm sand between your toes as you stand on one of south coast’s truly endless beaches. The list is endless. 

While i have experienced quite a couple of the above up until last week i thought i had my moment, my story, but south coast surprised me. For a while i had been wanting to do Sands at Nomad. Ideally the plan was to do sands at Chale followed by sands at Nomad since i hadn’t set foot on either. This long standing popular resort isn’t the only thing that made it to my first time list.

Getting to Mombasa i used Madaraka express, my first time. I am not really sure it’s an experience i ever want to have again. On arrival i was transferred to the place i was to spend the next few couple of days. I have to admit i was really excited about this whole trip, i really was looking forward to it. 

IMG_20190616_143013While some destinations are timeless; others on the other hand are the antidote to the 21st century life, sands at nomad is the later. The sands at Nomad is to say the least, the perfect getaway for the discerning traveler who wants a perfect beach holiday in a great environment. It’s a laid back resort set within the coastal forest. Looking out onto the admirable Diani Beach, it has 37 rooms with a beautiful blend of swahili architecture, Italian interior decor, Arabic antique furniture and the comfort of a twist of luxury plus a variety of areas and restaurants to occupy ones time. There is a 24hr free of charge internet cafe right next to the reception incase one wants to check their mails or work, a wellness centre “forest breeze” behind Riva’s bar that is open from 10am to 7pm. Honestly, it’ s so much more than meets the eye. 


The moment you get through this gate everything feels different,it’s like discovering paradise. The breath of fresh air is unparalleled thanks to the forest it doesn’t feel like the coast at all. The serene location, exclusivity and tranquility is peerless, a rarity. 

The warm welcome followed by chilled ”Madafu”
Tiled with local “Galana” stone, incorporating a private gazebo, finished in sensuous curves and plunging to depths of 5 meters, contemporary design has blended perfectly with nature,one more place to keep someone busy. It’s right next to Rivas bar and i have to admit it’s quite charming! 
I loved how green the entire place is. I took this on my way to the beach bar and restaurant.
Each pavement leads to a different beach cottage.
The beach cottage lawns. The cottages are set directly along the beach front. The rooms are the perfect romantic getaway. 
How beautiful are the lawns? And the sunbeds making it a perfect spot to chill and read a book. 
The room offers a traditional coast feeling with Swahili freezes and Lamu ceilings.


Beach bar. 

The beach restaurant which is also the main restaurant is set aside from the resort for extra privacy and accessed by a private gate way. It offers luxurious tropical breakfast buffet to start ones day. However if you happen to have an early morning flight breakfast is served at Riva’s restaurant, you don’t need to walk all the way. The restaurant is also open for lunch and dinner serving a choice of buffet or A-La-Carte according to ones requests. Did i say the meals are d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! A friend of mine had mentioned but i really didn’t know the kind of treat i was in for,even a dhow guy on the beach will tell you that. Almost everything below i had for the first time. Have a look. 

Tutti frutti special
Nanyuki beef medallion,i haven’t tasted anything so delicious!
The beach restaurant


Has to be one of my favorite soups and unlike in many hotels,here they were quite generous. 
Detox tuna fillet. 
Banana split


The next beautiful thing about sands at Nomad as far as water activities are concerned is its location. To the left from the beach restaurant there is a company offering water sports. To the right, a walking distance on the beach is Raydon water sports and after them there is still another company,it’s right now that it’s hitting me i didn’t get their name. I highly recommend Raydon water sports though.

I like anything that appears challenging and thrilling. Am a dare devil. My first water sport was donut ride. It’s a 20 minutes ride for only Kes 2,000 a person. The minimum requirement is 2pax. But if you are alone you can still do it, you just pay for two. I do not think i have the words that better describes the experience than the video below. At some point when it gets too tough you supposed to let go,i didn’t know that so i kept holding on tight like my life depended on it which left my hands and shoulders in pain. Was it worth it? Hell YEAH. 



How beautiful is this dinner setting on the beach? The excellence of their cuisine is unparalleled. 

Next on my first time list was fly boarding. I was to do this over the Easter holiday with Rioba on our trip to Funzi but i hadn’t booked in advance unfortunately. Best water sport E-V-E-R! Eric,my instructor, was so patient with me. Flying through water and diving back in just like a dolphin is not as easy as it looks but when i think of the word fun,fly boarding best describes it. I am so doing this again. My goal is to hover a few more metres higher. 




First time flying skyward express

It’s difficult for me to find anything bad to say about the Sands at Nomad. They have gone to great effort to make sure everything is in order for a great vacation. Nothing is too much trouble and all requests are done with a genuine smile. It was one decision that i can’t regret! For more information regarding the hotel you can download their app ‘The Sands at Nomad’. 

Thank you Stejos tours, The sands at Nomad,Raydon water sportsKenya Railways and skyward express for giving me the best,my favorite south coast experience/story. 


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  1. That was a nice read, now you have made me have to bring the trip to Chale on the top of my travel bucket list. Why your blog isnt recognized as one of the best kenyan travel blogs still baffles me! But i guess its one step at a time.

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