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The perfect African safari sometimes means incorporating unique and memorable experiences into ones itinerary, thinking out of the box to find the most up to date experiences that will make ones safari extra special. Tree houses can be a really fun and romantic addition to ones safari as i came to discover. Taking a break from staying in a beautiful safari lodge or camp to spending a night under the stars in an elevated and open structure. Enjoying birds eye views and being one with nature while maintaining the same level of comfort and elegance as a 5-star property.

You’ ll find Watamu Treehouse along the Kenyan north coast. The house consists of two towers in the trees, linked by bridges, stairways that are open to the elements whilst offering shelter, and ramps. It’s incredibly architectured, quite unique and truly a work of art. While the windows are almost non existent, the amount of colorful glass work embedded into the architecture and décor defies imagination. The open air bedrooms allow cool free flow of air while being protected from rain at the same time. Interestingly enough the rooms have no internal walls, no hard edges at all and the showers have open views of the surrounding beautiful coastal forest which you happen to share with birds,insects and monkeys, and a stunning view of the ocean if you happen to take up the upper level rooms. The yoga studio on the top floor is a place of silent contemplation. The beach along the house is unspoilt unlike the end where you find other hotels and is also great for kite surfing. For someone who stayed in a room with the perfect views of the sunrise and sunsets,they are amazing actually, i took no shots of either. Whether it’s rest and relaxation,yoga and massage, adventures, healthy food or a combination of them all, Watamu Treehouse has it.


View of the house from the beach


Notice how beautiful the beach is


The tree house happens to have a pool as well




How beautiful!


This was our room just below the yoga studio


Views from the room,ikr?



More views


And more views.


Views from the yoga studio


And this is where yoga sessions takes place. I never tried,my heart was elsewhere




While i didn’t get to kite surf or have a yoga session, i got to have a great time at Sudi island,swim with the fish,cruise and delight in sea food.



How gorgeous is Sudi Island? I was truly impressed with how the residents takes conservation of the island seriously. They have two communities that happen to organize themselves on who gets to collect the water and soda plastic bottles when. I have to admit i was really concerned when i saw everyone at lunch time being served a bottle of water and soda,all plastic. The same people doing the environment all this good have items displayed at the island for sale so while there just buy something.



Me and Stracciatella have come a long way and any time is a good time. Non solo gelato serves a variety of ice creams