The sands at Chale


If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I and a couple of my friends spent the weekend in Chale. (By the way, if we’re not Insta-friends yet, come play!) It’s no exaggeration to say that Chale was magical but i still wouldn’t choose it over Sands at Nomad, the later stole my heart, and cracked me wide open.. For about a billion different reasons but we are here for the prior.Visiting Chale is taking a step towards pure paradise.

Chale is a bucket list destination for so many, it was mine up until last week. It’s highlighted status all over Pinterest, Instagram, you tube and viral Facebook posts has brought it tons of fame over the last few years and  when virtual meets reality,we hope for it to be worthwhile.


A tropical paradise with all year round warm weather, pristine powder white beaches,clear turquoise waters and lush tropical vegetation- Chale island has been a popular island destination.


The Sands at Chale Island , a resort on the island, is a contemporary mix of Swahili structures, Italian stucco, Lamu furniture, objects of African art and varnished Mahogany featuring 28 standard rooms, bandas, penthouse suites, over water suites, a suite on the rocks that is situated on a separate islet connected to the main Island by a stone bridge,  3 swimming pools, boutiques, restaurant, beach bar and a spa and wellness center. It’s the only private island resort in Kenya and affords one complete peace and privacy.



Chale Island is a small romantic island situated 600 meters off the mainland. 10 km south of Diani, 1.2 km long and 0.8 km wide, with a general north/south orientation. The Island is divided into two parts; resort and sacred forest or “kaya”. The resort lies in 15 acres of indigenous ancient forest, with a stunning 10,000 square meter white sand bay which is protected by a vibrant coral reef. By air the island can be accessed through either Ukunda airstrip or Moi international airport but with transfers of course. From the main land it can either be accessed by boat or a tractor,ikr? It’s all dependent on the tides. On arrival we crossed in a boat and tractor on our way out.


Each room type at Chale offers a different view: most of the rooms gives an impressive sea view; the Over water Suites in addition give a majestic Sunset view,the best you’ll get on the resort while the suite on the rocks offers equally great views and added privacy.

Our room
View from my room,stunning,right?
That’s the beach bar and its pool



The beach bar and its pool
The main fresh water swimming pool. It’s built with local stone and connected by a small waterfall to a sixteen seater Jacuzzi that was always scattered with Plentiful sun beds around it.
View of the beach banda


This pool is located between the Standard Rooms and has a pool bar. It’s a great place to enjoy the tranquility and relax with alluring views of the Ocean.
Over water suites


The resort is generator powered. The gen set is switched off every day at 10:30 am to 6pm. This also means that you cannot have a hot shower or use the air conditioning during that time. If you want to charge any of your devices you can do so at the reception or beach bar. There is free wi-fi available but only at the reception and restaurant.


Suite on the rocks


In addition to a camera i’ d also recommend that one brings a drone for the photos. Am still learning how to use mine, this is the best i could manage but we’ll get there.


One thing I liked about the resort is that everything feels connected to the local environment. I also found the Giriama traditional dance in the evening quite interesting.  Activitywise unlike most other island destinations, Chale Island has something to offer everyone from diving, beach snorkeling,boat snorkeling, glass bottom boat, kayaking, game fishing (half and full day), local Catamaran sailing. Excursions are also possible not forgetting the spa and wellness centre. The meals are also good if i may add.


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