Lemon Valley Farm Estate


By the invitation of Lemon Valley Farm estate i got to spend 2nights 3days at the property sometime back last week and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I needed the escape and Lemon valley is one of those places you escape to if you are looking for a quiet, peaceful and yet breathtaking environment to just relax and recharge your batteries . A place of solitude and tranquility surrounded by nature. A lifetime can be spent exploring Kenya but you’ll almost never come across what this place has to offer considering every now and then in this interconnected world of 2019 that’s not always as easy as it sounds plus the fast growing almost ubiquitous virtual world that is only ever a touchscreen away, we always find ourselves struggling to find that one perfect place where we can properly escape humdrum everyday life.

The farm commands an enviable perch on the lofty Kasambara Hills 4Kms from Nairobi-Nakuru Highway boasting panoramic views of Lake Elementaita and soysambu Conservancy. The breath-taking scenery is shared by the public areas and many of the cabins. From the moment i arrived at the farm, this being my second time, my eyes were constantly drawn to the postcard-like scenes below me just like last time i visited. It’s just beautiful. 

Whether it’s a morning cup of coffee on the porch as the family readies for the great outdoors or the glow of the fireplace at night to warm your bones from an active day on the slopes and the cold evenings or a hearty healthy cooked dinner to refuel for the next day’s pursuits, Whatever your trip includes, nothing is better than having the amenities and comforts of home that this place has to offer while still enjoying the scenic beauty of lake Elementaita and its environs. Check this out. 

Well, it really is a stress free zone
How lovely is this view of the cabins from the farm’s entrance?
Horse stable. 
And this right here is the canteen, kitchen and part of the grounds that can be used for team building or even to host a small party or wedding. It really has a very beautiful view of Lake Elementaita. 
Meet the frog & toad canteen. Like Virginia Woolf once said, ‘one cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well’. The forks here have taken that very seriously. The canteen serves a menu of tasty cuisines( i feel like i need to emphasize on the word tasty) all made with fresh farm ingredients which however changes a little depending on what’s available in the farm.
I just love their canteen space, it’s so distinctively designed and the diverse mix of colors, shapes, patterns and other curiosities adds to its beauty.
My welcome drink.


Last time i had a wrap so delicious was in Cape town,this is a must try if you ever find yourself there.


Doesn’t all happiness depend on a leisurely breakfast! Like i said earlier i have been to Lemon valley before and although they have made a few changes and additions here and there,all to make ones stay more comfortable,one thing that has remained constant is the quality of their meals and this ‘s not the foodie in me speaking 😄
Am a sucker of great views, exactly what this canteen offers. Enjoying a nice meal, great views and a sweet lake breeze never hurt nobody.
I hope this photo depicts what i have been busy talking about.
Also,their kitchen is a small capacity kitchen, place orders early enough to avoid unnecessary delays,just thought you should know.


Want to view wildlife at the comfort of the farm,this is for you. Among the things you can do while staying here is paying Soysambu conservancy a visit for game drive. It’s only 5Kms away.
Am neither a veges person nor am i one to recommend salads but one thing i promise you, passing on a frog and toad salad is the biggest mistake you’ll ever make.
Looks like the place you gather with friends play games or go down the memory lane,share stories with an aperitif on one hand.
This is Charlock cottage, the largest in the farm and hosts up to 7 people a night. It features a kitchen, a seating space adjacent to the dinning and a beautiful sofa setup around the electric fireplace. It’s a 3 bedroom cottage one being a master.
Just the place to retire to for some quiet time as you appreciate the countryside that surrounds you. Last time i was here this chair wasn’t there. I believe its one of the smalls additions they have made together with a towel rack in the bathroom and a hot shower ( I remember being a little disappointed last time when water couldn’t heat considering this is not one of those regions where a cold shower is welcome) There is also a seating space on the side of the cabin,two seats and a table,all metallic.
Large windows? Yes please. Lets appreciate how they let in lots of natural light which makes the room look cheerful. They also offer panoramic views of the surroundings and give an aesthetic appeal.
The charlock cottage dinning area.
Does this make you think of a wedding or a birthday party?


There is something for everyone in the farm and that includes the little ones. Camping and team building is also available,something for everyone.

Sitting around might not be so fun. There are a wide varieties of activities one can engage in. At the farm there is hiking. I remember struggling during my first visit trying to find the perfect spot to capture the sunset from. Well, if you are the kind that never seems to have enough of them,hike and get your shots from up the hill. I wasn’t lucky to get a good shot,the whether was too undecided. While at it you can have a farm tour. There is also swimming and oh,they have introduced a spa too yeah. Activities outside the farm include guided tours, sun downer by the lake,quad biking and horse riding.

I decided to pay Jeanluc’s farm a visit for horse riding,best decision ever. The place is beautiful and the elevation in an icing to the cake. It’s 8Kms up the hill from Lemon valley  farm and they charge 1,500 for horse riding.
How beautiful is this view!

It’s my hope that you’ve enjoyed today’s read and that i narrowed down your search for places to escape the world’s cares to.

Wishing you a productive week and month ahead.

Till next time, cheers


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