Enchipai Cottages


The weekend is a time to rediscover senses dulled by routine demands of life and the last long one was no exception. I had a solid plan for the particular weekend for about two months only for that to change just a week to my travel dates. Its such a great thing having friends that are well traveled and share your passion, a plan B was up in place and rolling in a day. Allow me to introduce you to what was our home.

At the heart of Isinya escarpment in Kajiado County rests Enchipai cottages offering extensive views of the Great Rift Valley with a wild feel of the Savanna and charming sceneries of the natural landscape. Isolated, the cottages offer a peaceful alternative to hotel accommodation and the gated entrance provides security and privacy. The cottages are custom built and uniquely decorated to easily accommodate a group of friends or sweethearts for a romantic getaway. It’s a mix of many classic, simple designs. The cottages are refurbished and extended to create a characterful and charming village like traditional hut, with all the luxury essentials and special touches one could wish for. They feature: plastered walls,exposed beams, thatched roofing that effortlessly integrates the cottages with nature,a little bit of traditional decor, a bathroom with a shower, a standard alone rack for the clothes and shoes, a comfortable(has to be one of the most comfortable beds i have slept on) king size bed that is made to incoporate both traditional and modern style, with an adjoining room with two stylish wooden twin beds. Both rooms have sliding glass doors that open to great views and sitting space ideal to relax in the evening as you watch the sunset. The evenings may tend to be cold but its all warm inside. 


Enchipai has room for campers too, this’s their camping space. 
The reception


Notice the gazebos to right? They are built as if they were meant to host a traditional chief’s meeting. It’s a perfect place to cozy up during the day, shelter from the sun and catch up with friends over a drink. 


Campsites bathroom facilities. They are spacious and just like the rest of the place their shower water is solar heated as well. 
Of course, my thing

Enchipai, a maasai name meaning a place of joy is quite a befitting name for this little paradise that offered us nothing but unedited fun, we really had such a good time. It’s a place not known to many probably because its been operational for about 2years now, even i didn’t know of its existence. It’s such a beautiful place to escape to. They have friendly staff led by their highly spirited manager William who makes you feel so at home and goes an extra mile to ensure your comfort your entire stay. He made it easy for us to plan given the short period of time we had. Asante sana William. Apart from camping its also ideal for team building. They also happen to have a very large pool by the way. 

I have a farewell party(mine) to get to😃. It’s always a pleasure having you here and i hope you enjoy today’s read. 



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