Mwanzo Lodge


One of the hopeful symptoms of life is the impulse to travel. Holidays don’t have to necessarily be long, the short and sweet every now and then works magic. Lately i have been trying to incorporate on the blog a few of the places that i find to be easily accessible and affordable for one of those moments and today’s post thanks to Mwanzo Lodge’s invitation happens to fall in that category.

Lets admit it,Naivasha is easy to get to from Nairobi, takes about 2hours which is quite ideal if you want a short holiday. You don’t have to spend long hours on the road that at the end of it will leave your body demanding another holiday.

Away from it all roughly 18Kms from Naivasha town inside flower business park, perched on a idyllic hill in a quiet,peaceful residential area with clean crisp air is Mwanzo Lodge  boasting panoramic views of lake Naivasha on one side. Its strategic location affords you the unparalleled views of a series of dramatic landscapes and a panorama that extends to the horizon. Featuring 18 rooms with 3 being apartments and 15 tents the lodge comfortably accommodates 66 on full capacity. The rooms have a warm and inviting feel to them. They feature beautiful regular ceilings that are decorated with local materials,a bathroom with a basin bathtub (not all the rooms have this) that gives you the feeling you’ve stepped into the spa,a tea/coffee station,a stand alone clothes cabinet and a private balcony that seems to have thoughtfully been situated to take advantage of the captivating views of the vast plains. The lodges wide range of accommodation’s prices ranges from Kes 9000- Kes 18,000 with single full board accommodation going for KES 12,000 and Kes 16,000 for double full board accommodation.

The lodge combines simplistic arty crafty decor with homely comfort and comes with a swimming pool, a restaurant, a bar,a living room,a conference room and outdoor space for the kids to play which is also ideal for team building activities.


Staircase to the rooms


How beautiful are the views from the balcony?
Some of the views from the balcony


This one is a one bedroom apartment




The living room includes a fireplace for friends to gather on cold evenings. Just above it is a simple wooden mantel that offsets the white walls providing a touch of elegance to the space. The room is the nexus of social gatherings and space where one can share and laugh with closest friends and family members.




DSCN1343_wmDSCN1283_wmDSCN1289_wmDSCN1311_wmDSCN1317 (1)_wm


Am neither a veges person nor am i one to recommend salads but DAMN! The chef is good. The meals are the definition of delicious.



Activities while at the lodge include swimming, bike riding(these are available for hire), flower farm tour and the most beautiful of them all is that one can step into the kitchen for a cooking class. Am now regretting why i didn’t.

Thank you for stopping by and i do hope today’s read has added one more place worth looking into as you travel.





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