Ol Talet Cottages

As Rodolfo Vosta once said “many people are so poor that all they have is money.” This is one of the many quotes that I’ve written on my mantra pad, to remember and recite whenever I feel necessary. There is need to strive to have things that we can’t put a price on, things that when we look back in future we’ll smile and appreciate we did. Traveling is definitely one of them. We do not only need it for R&R but also because it’s the best kind of education if you asked me. However if you travel enough, you’ll find that some places either don’t live up to their expectations or feel a little bit overrated (thanks to IG) once you land(reminds me of a certain experience last year)…. Aaaand now this feels like something i should address now that i brought it up but just in summary and from experience, reading blog posts of the place you want to visit will help you a whole lot. There are travel bloggers out there doing a great job. Stalk the locals, not literally however. You can learn alot and lastly, social media connections. While we’re quick to point out the toxicity of social media (myself included) it’d be remiss of me not to mention how much more connected it makes us. Twitter played a big role for instance while planning my Capetown trip last year. Thats a long story for another day, today am here to do what i do best with the hope of helping a future reader and to live up to a promise i made. 

If escaping the rat race and heading deep into the wild for a weekend of sheer relaxation is your idea of bliss, enhance the whole experience by making sure your holiday home is the sweetest place on earth.

Located about 40 kms from Nairobi, via Magadi Road next to the famous Ole Polos lies Ol talet cottages boasting contemporary styling and ambiance that calms ones senses as they soak in the spectacular surroundings – a great area for walkers – but the best of all, the architect-converted, a quaint yet rustic cottage with an outdoor infinity pool into a wow-factor at every turn, both inside and out. Simple yet luxurious, cosy: full of exposed stone, vaulted, upright and horizontal beams and glass walls, along with unusual contemporary furnishings and touches in addition to safari & African decor. Oloika cottages boasts a casual rustic elegant sticks roofing which has the roofs and facade creating a striking, quaint design that exudes a vernacular and contemporary look all at once effortlessly integrating the cottage with nature. Ol talet on the other hand has sheets roofing with a sticks decor ceiling just like it’s sister cottage. Sleeps 6 each.

Sitting space outside Oloika



Exuding a calming ambience throughout, the cottages sits pretty on a hill featuring chunky wooden furniture, a combination of tall, cathedral and beamed & sticks cealing in addition to a barbecue place. The terrace at Ol talet offer extensive views of the Great Rift Valley with a wild feel of the Savanna and charming sceneries of the natural landscape.

Home to one master room and two smartly furnished twin rooms, you can each look forward to peaceful nights’ sleep sandwiched between the sheets. The master room has a stand-alone wardrobe, as well as a separate en suite bathroom that offers panoramic views of the savanna as you shower thanks to the glass walls. Oloika cottage on the other hand features two double rooms and one twin room.

Ol talets master room


It’s bathroom


One of Ol talet’s twin rooms bathroom 


One of Oloika’s double rooms
Yet another one of Oloika’s double rooms 


Ol talet’s sitting area features a tall ceiling which is quite different from the other rooms. The added space makes the space feel a bit grander and more special, and also helps air circulate more easily. A taller ceiling also means that the room is lit consistently without dark patches.


Oloika’s sitting area


If you equate a house to a tree then the kitchen is undoubtedly its trunk. It is the central lifeline from which all the other areas of the house branch. The kitchens feature a stove, fridge, microwave, kitchenware.. Basically all the essentials one needs to fix a meal.


Oloika’s kitchen 
Ol talet’s kitchen 


I loved the glass windows at Ol talet’s dining room that created a visual connection between the indoors and the outside. The open and airy living spaces creates a sense of harmony and helps create a friendly space that’s conducive for entertaining guests.


Where you want to spend the rest of your afternoons while at either of the cottages. 


The jacuzzi and main pool. There happens to be another pool just below the infinity pool. 


Special thanks to  Perfect strangers safaris

for making this trip possible, for a memorable weekend, for the beautiful unique destinations you keep discovering and for never disappointing. If you are looking for a traveling partner, with them you are in good hands. 

I hope you all do enjoy today’s read. Till next time, cheers. 



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