Traveling Tips

Are you a first time traveler and don’t know where to start from or how to settle on a destination? Well, here is alittle help.

1. Be open minded. I know this can be abit scary being a first time. You come across a place that you feel is within your budget but no one you know has been there or you don’t know how to get there? Google your way out, don’t be too scared to travel to a place that hasn’t been traveled before.

2. Don’t overthink it. Often a times when you take too long to decide on whether to go ahead and make that booking or not, chances that you won’t do it are high or something else will pop up. Once you settle on a destination, go right ahead and book.

3. Some destinations may not be cheap to get to. If air travel is too expensive and there is road option, go for that. Use public means. I have come to find out that many people think that for you to travel, it has to be by private means. Don’t let that air fare come between you and what you want. There is also the option of flying half way and connecting by road depending on the much it saves you. Be open to all available means of transport and work with what fits within your budget. 

4. Be able to know your reason for traveling. It makes it alot easier to choose a destination that meets your expectations and fits within what you are looking for. For instance if you want to feel sand between your toes and get a tan, your choices are easily narrowed to the beach. If you want a wildlife experience, the parks reserves and conservancies is what you’ll be focusing on.

5. If you are not comfortable with number one above, it’s perfectly fine to settle on a destination that you know has been done before. Once you have had enough courage, daring to venture new destinations will be alot easier. 

6. From experience, if you wait for others to be ready for you to travel, you might not do much. Shake off that fear and dare to go solo. Most of the times these adventures turn out to be more interesting than your fear led you to believe. 

7. For beginners travelling doesn’t have to be far away especially if you are doing it solo. You might want to feel safe with your choices and comfortable enough. A destination within your county or neighboring counties could do. 

8. There is power in numbers. Some destinations may not be that pocket friendly on your own but with a few friends, viola! The numbers come in handy when it comes to holiday homes and destinations that aren’t linked by public transport. This’s where use of tour companies also comes in. You’ll be surprised by the little you’ll spend. 

9. For flights and airbnb, book early for a better deal. The savings could afford you an activity or two at your destination, besides, who doesn’t like a good deal. 

10. This one is my favorite, if you wish to travel to a foreign country and you don’t know how to go about with activities, get your guide (it’s an app) is somewhere to start. I have used it before and am sure as heck i’ll use it again. It’ll give you activities on offer per day with the charges and goes further to explain what the activity includes. If satisfied with what you see you can go ahead and book. Airbnb has a similar thing too. 

At the end of the day we are rather disappointed by the things we didn’t do than those we did. The best time to begin is usually now. I’d go on and tell you the good that comes with traveling but i’ll let you figure it out after the pandemic. 

Enjoy your afternoon, cheers. 


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