Olohoro Onyore

Hi there, i trust you’ve been well and keeping safe during these difficult times. It’s really been a while since i last sat down and left you something here to read am not sure i remember how i used to do it but i’ ll give it a try, i can’t be that bad, can i? 😄

I don’t know about you but i had missed traveling big time and as we all know the sector has been hit hard by this Covid era, And as we try to adjust to the knew normal we all have our concerns. Personally if you had asked me back in March how soon i’ d travel when the cessation was lifted i’ d have told you as soon as the following day. That was a mind that so badly needed to escape the walls of a place it had been confided to for a long time. With time i developed some fears that have taken me quite sometime to shake off and indulge in what i love most. And funny enough my first trip wasn’t to any of the destinations i had in mind back in March, again, fears.

Stepping out last weekend really helped me a lot. You really can’t know what to expect with traveling now until you do it. It’s like a baby taking its first step. Is it a risk? Yes it is, but so is any other day am not in my house. I was able to a little bit face my fears and that’s a step am glad i took. It also helped that i traveled to a destination not so far away from my county of residence, that’s the much i was comfortable with for a start.

 This past weekend champagne ridge opened its doors for us to this luxury self-catering retreat that offered us a slice of its countryside sanctuary.  Olohoro Onyore is sublimely set on a cliff in Champagne ridge roughly 30kms south off Nairobi central business district, one of the regions finest holiday destinations, with unspoilt landscape views that extend as far as the eye can see. The property is along Magadi road via Rongai and Kiserian. From kiserian at Corner baridi take a left and around 12kms along this road you’ll find Olohoro Onyore.


Nothing beats a moment on these swing beds as you soak in the views.

Hugging a prime cliffside position overlooking the beautiful expanse of the riftvalley the property features: floor-to-ceiling glass pocket windows that blur the boundary between inside and out filling the living area and bedrooms with natural light,an open plan kitchen, a wraparound deck that serves as the dining area on one side and a barbecue and entertainment/ relaxing area on the other and not a soul to disturb the birds. Off the deck is the fire place.The house infuses simple settings with stylish, spacious interiors, promising an immersive break that’s so much more than just a holiday. The property comprises of the main house and Olohoro Onyore Ndogo. The main house accommodates six people and four people for Olohoro Onyore ndogo both at full capacity.

The deck also features these two swing chairs


The barbecue area and some seating space to just chill. Both offer a view to be remembered. 
Ahead from the relaxation area is a pathway that leads to another room. I mentioned that the main house accomodates 6. There is a first unit that accommodates 2,in this unit there is another room that accommodates 2 and the pathway from here ahead leads to another room that still offers magnificent views from the bed. This happened to be my room of course😄. Opposite the relaxation area is the fire place that am realizing right now i didn’t capture on camera🤭
The dining area on the deck that i mentioned. 


When i said the relaxation and barbecue area offered great views, this was it. The entire deck offers great views though. 
Those games will come in handy as there aren’t much activities you can engage in if you aren’t staying long. 



The wraparound glass front and elevated position gives the units a luxury penthouse feel. The rooms comprises of king size beds with fluffy pillows. Next door sits the en suite shower room complete with WC and heated shower; a perfect place for post-days activities pampering.

Taking full advantage of the views, the living area offers sofas set alongside floor-to-ceiling windows and a backdrop of soothing spectacular views – a calming oasis in which to sit for hours contemplating the complex beauty of the ever-changing horizon.


The living area and the kitchen ahead. 
This’s a better view of the living area and the kitchen. 


This’s what the front deck in the rooms has to offer. Very calming and enthralling.
This was my room
DSCN5433 (1)_wm
Yet another room in the main house
My rooms front deck. This room happens to be the farthest to the right with the main houses first room being to the left. 


Olohoro Onyore Ndogo basically features a deck as well, a kitchen, two rooms, a dining area on the deck and a space to sit as you enjoy your drink and a good view. 
One of the rooms in Olohoro Onyore Ndogo
They also got very nice views. 



The sunsets are magical to watch from here
While at it you can also get yourselfs a goat and enjoy this. 

Whether you are looking for a dreamy proposal, a refuge for relaxation or somewhere to inspire the soul, Olohoro onyore ensures an unforgettable stay.  It is the ideal self-catering countryside retreat for couples and singles wanting to indulge in some precious ‘me time’.

Its always a pleasure having you here and i hope you found today’s read inspiring. Also don’t forget to pack that hand sanitizer and masks on your next trip, i almost forgot myself.

Looks like its time for me to go catch up with Alias, such a lovely series.

Until next month, Cheers.








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