Diani Reef Beach Resort and Spa

As a travel blogger, I’m often asked about my favorite destinations around the Kenyan coast. My answers, depending on my current whims and the energy I have to delve into such a query, range from a carefully calibrated, heartfelt list of places that make my heart skip a beat to a far-off smile and a rotating roulette of just one off the list. Often, it’s Kilifi county but somehow kwale county keeps beckoning, charming it’s way to my heart, drawing me to visit it more. Last year alone i found my self in the county thrice. Each one of the three, funzi island, Chale island and The sands at Nomad was an experience of its own but am not gonna sit here and lie to you, Nomad was it for me.

So about two weeks ago the idea of dipping my toes in warm turquoise blue seas and basking in the sun on lush white sandy beaches sounded like a really nice idea. That’s how i found myself in Diani Reef.

The entrance the resort

Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa is located along the world renowned Diani beach over a sprawling and serene area of 34 acres, 34kms from Mombasa and 4.4kms from Ukunda airstrip via Diani Beach road. It features multi-cuisine dining outlets, bars, well-appointed rooms and suites, swimming pool and a spa. The rooms and suites carry the beach theme to give you the feel of the beautiful surroundings. All the rooms & suites are well equipped with all the modern conveniences. The hotel entrance, public rooms and shops are focused around a magnificent baobab tree in an open six sided court. The dining room, cocktail bar and conference rooms all command dramatic views across the coral cliff to the Indian Ocean. It’s a deluxe hotel offering a wider range of facilities but a bit more sophisticated than the average coast hotel. It’s design has a coordinating theme of white Swahili-style arched openings with a natural coral reef aesthetic.

The baobab tree
The reception area. Before checking in you have to first wash your hands,sanitize your hands and feet,get a temperature check and have your luggage sanitized as well


The Resort offers a variety of cuisines to choose from. Coral Rock cafe offers buffet services. This is where all the mouth-watering buffet breakfasts and dinners happened. It features live cooking stations.

The restaurants seating space.
More seating space with live cooking stations at the background. Am a foodie,this was one of my favorite places in Diani Reef.
For a fusion of Indian, Chinese and Japanese cuisine meet Sake Oriental restaurant. The Fins Seafood and Grill Restaurant was under renovation when we visited
The resort features four in-house bars one of which is a popular night spot for entertainment. Drinks from outside are not allowed btw.

The Rooms

Accommodation features standard garden and sea facing rooms, deluxe rooms, penthouses and presidential suites. The sea view with time has unfortunately been obstructed by the tall palm trees. The rooms feature tiled floors,a bathroom,bed, Tv, working station, wardrobe,safe,robes,toiletries and a balcony that can be accessed from the sliding doors which should remain closed when not in the rooms. Finishing in the circulation areas comprises of polished terazzo floors and teracotta clay screen.

The Penthouse

The presidential suite

The swimming pool, with its coral island, has a bar on one edge and generous sunbathing terraces which lead directly to the beach through a coconut grove at the foot of the cliff.
I did mention a spa earlier,right?

What i did while in Diani

  1. Food sampling

Check out Tiki Bar. They have a wide range of menu options to choose from and their cocktails are awesome. This is one place i wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my life at. I loved their food.

If Tiki Bar doesn’t tickle your fancy check out Eastuary beach lounge next to congo river for the most delicious pizzas. After i left Diani to make me feel bad my friend Rioba would keep telling me that she was here having pizza.

2. When i was referred to Congo river as the best place to catch the sunset from i had no idea what was in store for me. The place may be clouded depending on the day of the week you choose to visit. The beach is as sweet as is Diani’s standards. The sunsets, ORGASMIC.

3. The dare devils in me went scuba diving. I won’t lie to you as courageous as i am i was scared at first, and so was my travel partner. so much for her that at some point she almost cried during our pool training session but she never gave up. I remember on the actual diving day when we got under water i had to check on her. she was a whole different person, comfortable like a fish and enjoying every second of her dive. This remains one of the most thrilling and rewarding Diani experiences of my life. The answer to whether or not i’ ll do it again is an unequivocal yes. You can watch my video here.

4. A visit to Shimba Hills wasn’t a bad idea. Sheldrick Falls and the dense Mwaluganje Forest are quite a sight. While at it i had a game drive.

5. There was no way i was leaving Diani again without having dined at Ali barbour’s Cave restaurant . The place is perfect for romantic dinners or treat to self. The meals are delicious.

I had such an amazing stay in Diani and i look forward to visiting again. If i am to be honest Diani has never been my cup of tea as far as the Kenyan coast is concerned but this visit made me fall in love. One thing I liked about the resort is that everything feels connected to the local environment. I also loved their meals and found the evening performances quite interesting.  Activity wise there is a lot you can do as captured and well detailed in this Twitter thread by Rioba .

It’s my hope that you’ll enjoy today’s read. As usual its a pleasure having you here. Kilifi post shall be up next.

Have a lovely weekend,cheers.


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  1. 😄😄It’s not such a bad thing. Now you’ll have something to look forward to in your next visit.


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