Daigas Edge

The phone beeps, i pick it. It’s a whatsapp text from my dearest friend, my partner in destination hunting. The message is a link and from the featured photo i recognize the property. ” Its in Laikipia”, I respond but before I can get the rest of the information out I’m interrupted.
“I am ready whenever you are?” she says with excitement by the emojis and without waiting for my response goes on to express how gorgeous the place is before dropping the rates. I completely agree with her. It screems peace and tranquility, a rarity . I check my watch and think to myself, if we can pack our bags now we could be there by sunset; but thats the excited me, my itchy travel feet have been teased. The place is so affordable and conveniently accessible . “This month is fine by me as long as it’s not within the next two weekends” I reply hoping that she’s equally free then and besides, the notice feels right. She’s game, it’s a trip!

This past weekend we had the pleasure of staying at one of the most well thought of unique eco friendly lodges in kenya. I’ve been traveling for quite sometime now to know that there is a ridiculously fascinating thrill in being different, not doing what everyone else is doing, visiting a destination that hasn’t been chartered before. There is so much you don’t know about that you learn through surprises, and that is my favorite part. It’s one of the many things we have in common with my friend, Its what drives our destination hunts. We love finding new lands and ways to explore things, it keeps us going on this crazy adventure. You should see our bucket list!🤭

Daigas Edge is a resident only lodge nestled in a serene part of Mukima area in Nanyuki, 12. 1km from Nanyuki town and around 10kms from Ol pejeta conservancy’s Serat gate. You might not want to rely on google maps for directions as it’ll mislead you past Mukima center, i fell victim. Your best bet is contacting the lodge for directions especially if intending to visit soon. The property allows easy access to both the town and the conservancy with great views of the Lol daiga hills and Mt Kenya on a clear day.

The rooms. One can either opt for single beds or a double.

The lodge is well hidden allowing you to be one with nature, no Tv or wifi but there is good network. It’s intentionally off the grid and a hundred per cent solar powered .

It features five en suite rooms built from recycled 20ft shipping containers each boasting a verandah and seating space under the pergola overlooking the lush green bush vegetation, a mess tent with a cash bar and a lounge & restaurant area. Accommodation is on Bed & breakfast basis but with a selection of lunch & dinner options to staying guests.

Entire view of one room which is basically made from a single container.
The seating area outside the room.
The rooms color theme is mostly white, more like having a blank canvas with the scenery as the artwork.
The room has everything you need for a comfortable stay. Power doesn’t run all night of course. In the event the sun isn’t enough to power the solar there is a standby gen set. The powers goes off at 11pm if my memory serves me right. I was asleep before then😄

The mess tent features a dining area or one side, cash bar in the middle and a lounge area on the other.

The mess tent. I initially expected something smaller as there were no photos of it on the net but surprise!
And this’s the cash bar and the lounge area.
And as you know evenings in Nanyuki can be quite cold. This’s where you want to be when that time comes. Luckily enough for me i already knew this from my previous visits to Nanyuki so i brought all the warm clothing including heavy socks.
Great for the chilly evening they have outdoor, portable clay pot fireplaces placed outside the mess tent creating a warm, interesting focal point, an excellent outdoor decor.
This’s probably what i loved most. On the chefs menu on Sundays is this burger. Burger Sundays for an easy relaxed lazy day.
The whole idea was to leave minimal footprint. There hasn’t been much clearing, nature has been well preserved. This’s the view you wake up to in the morning.
Something i never anticipated to watch but there is no place i’d rather have watched it from. It lit the place so well. Last month was special enough to grace us with two full moons, the pictured is last weekends halloween full moon. The last time a full moon fell on halloween was 76yrs ago even though it occurs roughly once in every 19years. If you missed last Saturday’s, look out for the next one in 2039😄
I did mention you could spot mt Kenya, right? I captured this right after the rains on Saturday.
She genuinely and whole heartedly loves Nanyuki and Laikipia county in general.

The photos on the internet don’t do Daigas edge justice. Let this go on record, the place is more beautiful. I was hoping to share my experience in photos today, i hope i did well. For those that have been requesting for the rates its 9k for a double and 6k for single on bed and breakfast. If you ever find yourself looking for a place to escape to on a weekend thats well kept around Nanyuki, Daigas Edge is it.

What i loved most was the location(you don’t need a 4×4), the food, the spotlessly clean rooms, the ambience,the services plus the extra mile of placing hot water bottles in the bed at night. That way you slip into warm sheets. Whats not to love here anyways! Besides, it’s perfect for baecation.

I hope you enjoy today’s read and find it inspiring enough to give Daigas Edge a go. It should have made it to my list of 10 places to stay around Nanyuki. Great month and week from me to you, 🥂


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