Being grateful for things in your life is something that is overlooked when the negative things start piling up. It’s astounding what happens when we focus on the things we are grateful for instead of the negative things that are happening all around us. I found, that traveling to different places and seeing different things has ignited my gratitude towards life. It has shown me how fortunate I have been in my life and that things could be much worse. Next time you go on a trip, look around and observe, and see what traveling to that place made you grateful for. Write down what you are grateful for when you travel and constantly look back at what you were grateful for. Have i told you about Cranes Haven yet? Nope?

Welcome to Crane’s Nest.

Last week i and my girlfriends spent the weekend at Cranes Haven and let me tell you Maina, wasn’t it amazing! Our only plan for the weekend included relaxation. We went into the weekend with a very vague schedule, which if you have traveled with me you know is a rarity. Our mornings were spent by the pool enjoying some delicious breakfast and later scoring in the archery or going on a tour farm. The afternoons by the pool or game viewing at Saiwa Swamp and the evenings sipping cocktails over a girls time or having a steam bath. We made sure to enjoy every part of the property, from the tents to the steam room, the pool and the farm.

With an off-the-beaten-track feel, but set within a pretty Country side , The Crane’s Haven Tented Camp is a remote, exclusive and delightfully presented camp featuring five tents with hand-crafted roofing partly exuding rusticity where mazeras floors and a pallet of calm browns and whites combine to create a modern-day holiday abode.

Beneath the canvas roof of the tent one is able to find everything from a comfortable bed to a private bathroom to electrical outlets to charge your cameras and a soaking bathtub. With the nights tending to be a bit cold electric blankets and heaters are also offered in addition to essentials needed to fix yourself a cup of tea or coffee. With timeless interiors that are simple yet sophisticated and stylish, the Camp enhances guests’ sense of privacy and enjoyment. You are out in the heart of the action where you’ll wake up to chirping birds. The camp is the epitome of rural charm.

View oof the room from the entrance

Outside the tent on one side is a hanging seat where you swing all your troubles away and on the other are two wooden chairs and a table idea for chilling over a drink.

Room interiors with a slight view of the bathroom and dressing area.
The reception area makes quite an outstanding first impression, but also introduces the guests to one-of-a-kind story of the destination. The African inspired decor breathes a sense of ethnic African beauty into the space with a sophisticated yet electric edge.
I don’t know what kind of weather i really expected from this place. I knew Kitale could be cold but i wasn’t ready for freezing cold. At some point it felt like Mt Kenya. While the nights and early mornings were cold, the mid mornings and afternoons were quite hot, very ideal for a swim.
Cocktails and steam bath were our evening choices.
A visit to Saiwa swamp isn’t a bad idea given that it’s close enough. The Park is home to the rare swamp dwelling Sitatunga antelope that is only found here in the country. Did you know that it’s one of the best swimmers among the antelope species? Now you know.
And also visited Sirwo Resort. While here ask to buy their coffee, it’s the best i have tasted so far.

You’ll find the tented camp around 7kms or so from Kitale town. Each part of the Magical Kenya has something different and beautiful to offer as my friend Carol always says and Kitale wasn’t an exemption. We really had a grand time and i look forward to my next visit. The hospitality we received at Crane’s Haven is hands down the best in our traveling lifes. Kudos team Crane’s. If Kitale has been on your bucklist, i just plugged you to a place worth checking out. It’s always a pleasure having you here. Until next month, 🥂


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