A weekend on the cliff~ Pumzika tu House

One of the hopeful symptoms of life is the impulse to travel. The act is like flirting with life, it’s enjoyable and builds up positive energy not forgetting the good memories we bring home from a trip. It’s been a long minute since i was last on the road for some good adventure and truth is, wanderlust doesn’t fully express how we feel when we crave our next adventure. Well, we’ve already established in the past that my relationship with Kwale county is complicated but this time i chose her. Hello there, i trust you’ve been keeping safe.

So i know so many of you had trips planned for Easter, just like us, only to have them thrown out the window last minute. It was heartbreaking. I was all packed up and ready to roll. Fam decided we postpone the trip to when the lockdown was lifted and am glad we did because the timing couldn’t have been more perfect! There are afew things i love more than a great destination, the excitement of an amazing vacation combined with great company and good vibes? Sign. Me. Up..

Among other destinations, i had eyed pumzika tu house for a veeeery loooong time, visiting last week was a dream come true. It didn’t hurt that i did so with my favorite people. The perks of a holiday home are hard to beat. You can have a private pool, a chef, a bar and everything you can ever need at your fingertips and you all get to live under one roof.

So where is Pumzika tu and how do you get there? Interesting choice of name right there first of which loosely translates to just relax. You’ll find this visually appealing paradise of pure escapism in the greater conservation area of shimba hills, Kwale county. It occupies enviable cliffside position overlooking the vast Mwaluganje elephant sanctuary with completely uninterrupted views of appealing landscape from rolling hills to a meandering river and massive rush green forest vegetation making it feel as though you are on the edge of the world. It’s constructed around natural rocks formations and trees within indigenous gardens. This large traditional Kenyan house features 6 bedrooms, fire and indoor space, table tennis, darts, a bar, a pool, outdoor grill and an enormous balcony with views for days. The house is a 10minutes drive from Kwale town and less than an hour from Ukunda airstrip or Diani. Let’s have a look.

The pool area and dining space to the left all overlooking the elephant sanctuary. The outdoor grill happens to be right next to the outside dining space.
The dining space. Pretty much better than dinner on the balcony but abit colder. I guess one had to give.
BBQ nights under the stars.

The pool area was our chill point on the days we didn’t step out. While it wasn’t necessarily an infinity pool, it offered spectacular panoramic views of Mwaluganje elephant sanctuary.

View from one of the ground floor’s rooms balcony.
Good laughter as we toast to the days to come.

The sweeping views extended to the rooms as well. I probably had the best room😁Who am i kidding? I had the best room, Ndovu. Check it out.

The bathroom had spacious surrounds to give us everything we needed to pamper ourselves. It didn’t hurt that it came with enormous glass windows and a great view.
Meals on the balcony with a good view.

When my house mates cycled to the nearby Shimba hills green Lodge and mentioned that the sunset looked equally good from that end, the sunset chaser in me had to compare notes.

The whole landscape was bathed in the warm glow of the setting sun,just like i had hoped. And in that moment, my heart was full. It was so beautiful.

This house has you wanting to just pumzika tu though one can choose to cycle which is absolutely free and they offer the bikes or two, take a drive down to Shimba hills National Reserve .

Being close enough to Diani activity wise there is so much more one can do as i have written before here.

Pumzika is an absolute gem. The pictures don’t fully encapsulate the beauty that is this house. The decor is simple, beautiful and alittle bit rustic. Meals on the balcony dining tables overlooking the elephant sanctuary were probably it for me. Asante sana perfect strangers safaris for making this happen. I had a blast, i still can’t get over it. You once again made a girl’s dream come true.

It’s always a pleasure having you here, let’s do this again soon. Lovely weekend ahead, cheers.

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