Olmaroroi House

Hola👋. I trust you’ve been well and coping with this unpredictable cold weather. Honestly i can’t wait for the sunny days again because aaarrrgh, it’s killing me. Besides the weather i have been glued to The world’s most amazing vacation rentals which is the main reason this post wasn’t up by Wednesday latest🤭. That series is dope, i’d highly recommend it for any traveler.

If you follow me on the socials (Incase you’d like to Insta- @ms_mutegi , twitter @ms_mutegi ) you already know early this month i got to spend the weekend at one on the most sumptuous properties within Kajiado. One thing i love about the county is that It’s hard to beat the ease and beauty of getting around. It Doesn’t take much of your time on the road and the drive is always refreshingly scenic. You’ll never go wrong with that general area, the only hard part is deciding where to stay simply because of the sheer number of holiday homes available . Quite a number of them will sweep you away, they’ll have you spoilt for choice, they’ll not make that choice any easy for you, they’ll make you wanna come back so good luck settling on one, you’ll need it.

Olmaroroi house is set within the rift valley with magnificent vast views across the rift valley with Mounts Suswa and Longonot at the far ends roughly under 2hrs from Nairobi central business district. This modern Lamu inspired villa features four bedrooms, a kitchen, Tv lounge, table tennis area, outdoor barbecue and dining area, indoor fire place and a tent. It features different experiences in every corner full of stunning furnishings and beautiful decor, its modern yet inviting. It’s nestled overlooking the mountains and valleys thus offering its inhabitants jaw dropping scenery that extends to the horizon. The well thought of tranquil outdoor living spaces are enticing to say the least . The floor-to-ceiling windows creates seamless indoor-outdoor connection. The house also features an inviting, stunning lap pool that is a perfect touch if you asked me.

On arrival we were met by a very warm staff that made us feel so much welcome,my goodness! From the outside i didn’t make much of the house, it looked so simple until i walked through the door. I was speechless. To the left from the house’s entrance is the indoor living space & indoor games area and far right is the kitchen.

The kitchen door opens to a spectacular view of the landscape to the horizon, a table tennis area to the right, barbecue and seating space right next, an outside dining area to the left and more seating space by the pool.

This gorgeous comfy seating space right next to the pool is the kind that beckons friends and housemates to sit a spell.
Pool area
Every morning i’d wake up come chill here as i wait for breakfast soaking in the views. I had seen enough photos on the socials but i don’t think they really encapsulate the beauty that is this place. In person i was mesmerized.
I did mention the lap pool was gorgeous. The smaller one unlike the main one happens to be heated.
You get in here, only darkness will chase you out. Besides, who hates soaking in warm water on a chilly day?

The bedrooms are homey and comfortable but allow me to introduce you to what was my focal point. This’s where my days would end and new ones begin. The room featured two inbuilt closets each on one side of the bed, a comfortable king size bed that’s Lamu inspired and a fire place. Notice how simple yet elegant the space looks. It doesn’t allow the eye to settle in one place. It’s the smallest of touches from the curtain holders to the lighting.

Allow me to introduce you to the reason i have no night content. Soaking in here in the evenings was just it for me. Leaving the heated pool and jumping right in as i wait for dinner. To the right is a large window that linked the inside and outside so well. It was designed in such a way that one would enjoy the outside while still going on with their business in the bathroom.
The room also featured an enormous balcony with magnificent soothing views of the entire lap pool and the landscape.

Am only featuring two rooms that faced the pool. The other two rooms have views of the rocky hills surrounding the house. They also had a sunrise view unlike the pool facing ones. All the rooms however are on the upper floor. From the staircase my room was to the left. Below is the room to the right.

The large windows allow the inhabitants to take advantage of their natural surroundings. This expansive door connects the bedroom with the balcony engaging views of the pool area and beyond. This room just like the rest also featured an inbuilt closet and a bathroom with a rain shower, a dressing area but no tub.
The property has outdoor living spaces in abundance.
The girlies dressed in matching robes and house sandals by Lerustic boutique.

I have wanted to visit Olmaroroi house for about three years now and once again Perfect Strangers Safaris came through for your girl. They organize group trips and close friends trips like this one. It was a dream come true.

Olmaroroi house is a haven of tranquility and conviviality that rejects the rigidity of modern life. It offers all the ingredients of a restful stay from a wonderful indoor-outdoor living experience to mind blowing views of the vast landscape. The staff are friendly and know their way around the kitchen. It’s difficult for me to find anything bad to say about the place . The hosts have gone to great effort to make sure everything is in order for a great vacation. Nothing is too much trouble and all requests are done with a genuine smile. The only thing that might be a downside to some people is that the network coverage is abit weak.

Here is a link to a short you tube video i did btw incase you might want to watch. It has featured a little of the tent which i haven’t captured here, again, content issues but that just goes to show how relaxing the place is.

It’s always a pleasure having you here. Have a productive week. Till next time, cheers.

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