Orbitir Burrow

Sometimes our limitations tell us when to stop, sometimes they show us where to look next. Happy new week! I trust you had a great weekend as i which am here to leave a short read about. The goal is to discover new hidden gems, to inspire you to travel. Forgive me if i tend to lean so much towards Kajiado county. Last time i was in Kajiado i did mention the county has so much to offer and that list keeps growing by day. At this point am convinced Kajiado is my one true love. I keep coming back, i never seem to have enough of her charm. She keeps making it more interesting with every visit, she has me under her spell and i like it.

View of the tent from the entrance

If escaping the rat race and heading deep into the wild for a weekend of sheer relaxation is your idea of bliss, enhance the whole experience by making sure your holiday home is the sweetest place on earth. Located about 25 minutes from Karen , via Ngong in Ololua lies Orbitir Burrow boasting contemporary styling and ambiance that calms ones senses as they soak in the spectacular surroundings. This stunning modern tent re defines glamping. It offers a beautiful display of warmth and comfort while offering chic interior styling. From the moment of entry, you are invited into a home full of fine details and custom furnishings. It fulfills the dreams of a couple of empty nesters looking for a place to dwell in nature. Spacious outdoor areas offers comfortable seating surrounded by lush greenery, offering relaxation and tranquility. The tent only accommodates two people at full capacity.

Seating space outside the tent and the kitchen to the left

This self catering gem features one bedroom, a queen size bed, a stand-alone wardrobe and a separate en suite bathroom. Adjacent to the tent is a well furnished kitchen with everything you need to fix yourself a good meal, a Tv and a dining table. Wifi is also available on site with great connection and speed. Let’s have a look.

The kitchen. The designers had fun creating contrast between the wooden cabinets and the tiled backsplash. If cooking isn’t something you’d be open to the option of ordering in is available. There is a vegetable garden on site and the veges are available free of charge to staying guests.
There’s everything for everyone. You can’t be in Kajiado county and miss out on good BBQ right?
The bedroom features a seating space to the right and a dressing area to the left. I loved that sockets were available in plenty for charging my devices.
On those cold nights you’ll find extra blankets and hot water bottles in this storage bench.
When i walked in to this bathroom i was immediately reminded of motel make over, if you’ve watched the series you can related. To the right is a spacious shower area with hinged glass doors and a bar mount shower head. To the left is the loo.

Breakfasts can be served in the kitchen, the garden or by the river, more of picnic breakfast. On the first morning. Sipping a perfectly made cup of coffee beneath a canopy of trees felt like a quintessential expression of vacation leisure or rather, just what the doctor ordered. And with flavorful varieties from which to choose, the enjoyment felt like it could last all weekend long.

If you are the kind that likes warming up in the morning and keeping in shape, a gym is available on site free of charge. There’s also a running trail just outside the gate for those that might be interested.

A picnic doesn’t have to be lunch or dinner. The idea of getting up and out of the property early, while the air was still slightly cool, and head to the river for breakfast picnic wasn’t one to be passed . Plus, eating breakfast outside is a nice change of pace! Changing things up is sometimes a good idea. Just to add, this’s available on request and at a fee.

Just like breakfasts, you can choose to enjoy your dinner at the garden as well. You can also choose to imbibe indoors or have a picnic by the river as the sun sets as you enjoy each others company and some privacy to bond.

Besides, nothing says fun,charm,relaxation and a touch of old world romance better than a picnic. It’s s one of the most fun and frugal activities to enjoy with someone you love! They are a wonderful way to get outdoors, take in some fresh air, and enjoy a meal together without having to visit a pricey or crowded restaurant.

How many picnics are too many to enjoy while on vacation🤭

I had such a grand time at Orbitir Burrow and i hope to visit again soon. I also do hope you find today’s read inspiring enough to give the place a go. It’s a lovers paradise to say the least. For those that asked whether it’s available on airbnb here is a link. You can also follow me on twitter ms_mutegi and Instagram ms_mutegi for more. Lastly, the picnics are organized or request and at a fee.

Its a pleasure having you here, till next time, cheers.

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