A weekend stay at Lolldaiga

Hey there reader, happy new month. May it be kind to you! Damn i think i lost my mojo or i’m just lazy because this review should have been ready before Friday but here we are still glued to The End game!

The answer to which is my favorite destination in Kenya usually depends on my current whims and the energy I have to delve into such a query ranging from a carefully calibrated, heartfelt list of places that make my heart skip a beat to a far-off smile and a rotating roulette of just one off the list. But we all know which county has my heart and soul and last week i had the pleasure of staying there🤗 this time overlooking the lolldaiga hills and Mount Kenya on the other side and it was such a refreshing staycation, one i didn’t know i needed. Who am i kidding i always need a staycation😄. The house doesn’t really have a name, just ‘A house with a view’. Let’s flow with that.

This newly built 3 bedroom is set in a private estate overlooking and bordering lolldaiga hills 25kms or so from Nanyuki town where only Timau river seperates you and lolldaiga ranch. This simple yet beautiful abode lets you comfortably connect with nature whether you want to or not. The views will blow you away, the sunrises will have you submerged in awe. The night skies filled with stars will have you wanting to spend time outside but the cold Nanyuki nights won’t probably favor your desires or the crackle of the hyenas if not a distance roar of the lion. Occasionally my long nosed friends pass by, they did twice during our stay. Some say i’m lucky but i say we family😉

From outside one can’t make much of the house, you’ll probably mistake it for a church.

Built with the finest craftsmanship, fusing a pared-back simplicity with a rustic edge, The house with a view is a modern hideaway perfect for those seeking a back-to-nature escape. Simple yet luxurious, cosy: full of exposed stone, vaulted cathedral high ceiling dotted with the simplest of furnishings and touches, the house features 3 bedrooms, two baths, a well equipped kitchen, indoor and outdoor dining areas, a lounging area and a barbecue area. The master bedroom is all ensuite with a double bed, a pallet wardrobe and storage area while the other two have single beds and similar wardrobe and storage areas.

The house features polished concrete floor through out with the area rugs adding pattern and texture, delineating the living room from the dining room.

The doors from the house open to the outside dining area with stunning panoramic views of lolldaiga hills, ooh this will be your favorite dining place! The view is a showstopper!

The house is off grid thus everything is solar powered including the hot water. Wifi is also available and security cameras.

Lolldaiga Ranch is a livestock ranch and wildlife conservancy around 20 kms northwest of Mount Kenya with outstanding views of the mountain and the Aberdares. It’s home to the elephants some of which cross the river occasionally and make their way to the house.

My long nosed friends.
I did mention that the views of Mount Kenya were the most magnificent and memorable moments to wake up to. She can be seen from the covered terrace/ outdoor dining area but for an unobstructed view i’d suggest the entrance to the house or any place past the car park.
Weather allowing the sunrises are everything you could wish for. Imagine a sunrise and mountain view all in one, same direction. I consider myself lucky to have experienced the moment.

We had such an amazing experience that we ended up extending our stay. Ben, the caretaker is so kind. Asante sana perfect strangers safaris for making this possible. You’ve made so many of our travel dreams come true, always a pleasure booking with you. For those asking the print travel duffle bags are from Le Rustic.

It’s always a pleasure having you here and i do hope you enjoyed today’s read. Follow me on Instagram @ms_mutegi or Twitter @ms_mutegi for more travel related content. The house is available on airbnb.

A great week ahead, 🥂

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