Ole Samara Luxury tents.

The answer to which is my favorite travel destination in Kenya range from a carefully calibrated heartfelt list of places that make my heart skip a beat (ooh there are so many of these) to a far-off smile and a rotating roulette of just one off the list, LAIKIPIA! Hi there, I trust you’ve been keeping well. Let me start by thanking my homies for pushing me to pin this post down because i honestly didn’t think it was that long since i last blogged🤭 and if i am to be honest, i wouldn’t have. Or is it possible that my love for Nanyuki is driving me😂, may be.

The two bedroom luxury tent kitchen area. All the kitchens are spacious and open plan with high-end stainless-steel appliances and polished granite countertops.

You all have to agree with me that the geological gods did the continent proud when they sculpted Laikipia, one of the planet’s most life affirming places if you asked me. Anyone that knows me knows my not so secret love affair with Nanyuki. Is it the vast plains, the extremes of heat and cold, the breathtaking sunsets and sunrises, the unimpeded views of Mt Kenya, the hardy but colorful vegetation or the stunning landscape? I don’t know, i can’t put a finger to it, there’s just a certain feeling that Nanyuki offers that you can’t bottle or fake, she just has it in abundance and i can’t get enough of it, it speaks to my soul. She is my forever love, my peace, home to my soul. Her breathtaking landscape and the snow-capped Mt Kenya backdrop in addition to wildlife makes it an ideal holiday destination.

Last weekend i had the pleasure of staying at the recently constructed Ole Samara luxury tents in Nanyuki(technically Burguret area but let’s stick to Nanyuki i don’t want to confuse you) , an addition to Ole Samara suites and while i have had the pleasure of staying in various properties around the country, these tents are on another level. The pictures don’t do the place justice honestly. You’ll find this visually appealing paradise of pure escapism at the edge of the forest opposite Trout tree(best direction) around 14kms and 5kms from Nanyuki and the airstrip respectively. It occupies an enviable cliff side position overlooking the vast forest cover and a river below that makes one feel as though they are on the edge of the world. Ole Samara features three luxury tents , a two bedroom and 2 one bedrooms all self catering. Let’s have a look.

The first bedroom.

When i first came across this tent on airbnb i shared it with a friend of mine. I was so blown away by its beauty and when virtual meets reality,we hope for it to be worthwhile. I cannot say i was disappointed. The rooms are extremely spacious.

One can have the option of a double bed or single beds. The bedrooms share a common kitchen that happens to have everything one needs to cook, dining and lounging area inside the tent with different balconies all overlooking the river. They also feature large beautiful wardrobes. Hot water bottles are also available in addition for every room. If you know how cold the nights tend to get around Nanyuki you’ll appreciate these. Additional duvets are however available in the rooms.

View of both balconies.

The enormous stand alone bathtubs are the bathrooms focal point. They all overlook the river with glass walls that perfectly frame the rush green vegetation.

The second bedroom featured twin beds though that’s optional, a bath tub and a huge shower area with a his and hers sinks.

This tent also features a sofa bed and its spacious state allows it to host more than 4 people. It also happens to have the best views as opposed to the other two tents as they are below this one. Across this tent is the swimming pool area but before the pool, have a look at this.

This area adjacent to the pool is still under construction. The lower floor features a fireplace, dining area and lounging area while the upper floor features the kitchen.

Ole Samara offers it’s inhabitants a fantastic cozy retreat to spend holidays luxuriating with warm and comfortable living spaces.There is plenty of space to invite friends to dine and then retreat in the heavenly living room, next to a roaring fireplace. This stunning area showcases a mix of wood, stone, steel and glass to create warm and rustic interiors with a contemporary touch.

How beautiful is this pool seriously? And guess what, it’s heated🤗 making it one of the best places to chill at in the afternoons. While the days tend to be hot the winds are quite intense and it tends to be cold. The swims here were everything that the doctor ordered.

The newest tent

Below the pool which happens to be on the same level as the two bedroom tent you’ll find the one bedroom tents. The beds and sitting areas share similar furniture but with different arrangements.

What i loved most about the farthest one bedroom tent is how the seating area was the tents central lifeline from which all the other areas branched. Upon entry the enormous bathroom packed with all the luxury one could crave met my eyes. The stand alone tub captured my attention and the thought of soaking in it while enjoying the views was everything. The kitchen just like the rest is well equipped with cutlery, a fridge, microwave, electric kettle and a french press for the coffee lovers. The tent at full capacity, just like the other one bedroom tent can host up to 5 pax.

The newest one bedrooms tent bedroom, quite similar to the other one but you can catch the sunset from the comfort of this bed.

A trip is never complete if i don’t catch the sunset or the rise. Given the pools area cliff side advantage, it’s the perfect spot to catch the sunset, of course weather allowing.

The sun shining brilliantly with the water glittering invitingly.Perfection!

I could very easily have spent a couple of days hanging around and just soaking it all in. Yes, I know I am gushing here but Ole Samara is really that magical. Everything is well thought off, no money was spared. Everything is exquisite but the bedding, matress, pillows and towels, i l-o-v-e-d😍. They are all spotlessly clean and white like snow. The matress and pillows are pure comfort. The towels fluffy feel👌I made reels of the rooms tour which i also shared under my twitter handle. You can follow me on Twitter or Instagram to check them out. The rates are 25k and 20k a night for 2 bedroom and 1 bedroom tents respectively.

It’s always a pleasure having you here and i do hope you enjoyed today’s read. Till next time 🥂


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