15 Opportunities not to miss while in Capetown


Normally i’ ll include the what to dos in my experience but i feel a little bit different this time. I might be sharing my Capetown experience a bit later than i expected and that in addition to the fact that some of what i’ ll be sharing here today are things i learned i could have done while in Capetown a little bit too late, is what inspired me to do this post. I’ll jump right into it so here are a a few things you should try while in Capetown.
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Olarro Plains


Yesterday I did a post on Olarro lodge and little Olarro and as Part 2 of my post I am meant to bring you with me to the beautiful and stylish Olarro plains, a place i was also guest to during my stay in Olarro. Before that lets head back to Olarro lodge for a minute. Notice how the interiors are beautifully painted all white giving a swahili feeling. The staircase and the bed  reminded me so much about Lamu.
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Olarro Lodge


DSCN9377I am unashamedly addicted to Laikipia believe me when i say i never saw myself ever foregoing a trip to this magical region that i have such a long standing love affair with for any other place in Kenya but well, never say never, Olarro happened and am glad because one a veer on my travel radar was kind of exciting and two i get to bring my readers something new and different.

Olarro is a maasai name meaning buffalo, a fitting name for the spectacular Olarro conservancy. It is a 20, 500 acre conservancy established for wildlife protection purpose only. The Conservancy is located in Narok County about 3kms from Ngoswani Trading Centre, approximately 60km from Narok town, off the NarokMaasai Mara road. Continue reading

A road trip to Elementaita


The basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure,so i believe. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences. Is there any greater joy than having an endlessly changing horizon for each day and a different new sun? I do not think so.

Hello my dear readers,i trust 2019 is treating you well. Well am here seated tossing a ten cent coin a colleague just handed over to me wondering what heading to give this post. It’s too hot for starters,the only place i’ d rather be is at the bottom of a pool but anyway,lets tell this story,who knows, this place could be one of my readers nirvana. Continue reading

Samatian Island


DSCN8707The very first time i came across Samatian Island was on twitter and as i re tweeted the post i couldn’t help but admire her beauty. At no particular time did i imagine it was in Kenya (clearly i under estimated my country’s beauty). Of course the adventurer in me wanted to visit the island,not as soon as it happened though.

The small and exclusive Samatian is set on a private Island on Lake Baringo in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley roughly 5hrs from Nairobi. With its breath-taking views across the waters of the lake to the imposing backdrop of the Laikipia Escarpment, the island offers the perfect getaway. The beauty of Baringo, and i kid you not, is legendary, with its spectacular sunsets, dazzling array of bird life, and the Njemps fishermen continuing a traditional lifestyle. Samatian Island offers guests the ultimate in relaxation in magical surroundings. Accommodation comprises 5 airy, open-plan, en suite thatched rooms. 2 rooms are family units with a partitioned bedroom, verandah, sitting room and bathroom. Samatian is run as a small family homestay, ideally for 12  or less self catered guests, catering can be arranged  by special arrangement for a party of 6 guests or more. Continue reading



IMAG1677Am yet to wake up one day and decide i need a holiday and not have to choose between locations,my life will be so easy! A week before Mambrui  on an afternoon i paused my schedule, googled two locations, got their contacts,placed calls to both hotels,settled on one,called my agency and booked a return flight. The fatigue was that bad and i felt like at some point i’ d shut down. The choice between Watamu and Mambrui wasn’t an easy one, kite surfing in Che shale settled the tie.

The best 15kms drive from Malindi can only lead you to Kola beach resort and i mean it. It Features a lush garden with palms and bougainvilleas, has a private sandy beach along the Indian Ocean, offers a beachfront restaurant (imagine having your meals as you watch the ocean) and a boutique with handcrafted souvenirs not forgetting where you retire after the days activities;17 villas each with 2 junior bedrooms on the ground floor with an outside terrace and one double major on the first floor with a large balcony and by  large i mean laaaarge! and then there is the pool,ooh boy! Hope you get the picture? Continue reading

The last wilderness


My my my! Isn’t this post long over due! I do not even know where to start, how about the start. It all began in 2014. I had this insane interest in visiting Kora National Park and somehow every time i attempted to, i ended up not making it as river Rojewero’s waters were too high for the land cruiser ( looking back today i think i was just too afraid to cross the damn river lol ) and  i didn’t know of the alternative route. I had heard stories of this very beautiful long metallic bridge that linked Meru and Kora national parks and these stunning falls that could be viewed from the bridge and i  had this  vague picture in my head. I really was looking forward to finally making it to Kora.

Kora National park also known as The Last Wilderness is the third largest national park in Kenya and borders Meru national Park , Mwingi National reserve and Rahole National Reserve. Located in Tana River county,she was home to the legendary George Adamson (Baba Ya Simba). Kora was gazetted as a national park in the hope of preserving and continuing the conservation work of George Adamson in 1989 after his demise. The park’s topography contains rocky formations that create a surreal landscape, acacia woodlands and doum palms. Continue reading

Road trip to Moshi


As you may already know i was in Moshi not so long ago on a road trip that ended at this amazing place which i happened not to share many photos of,it’s been a busy couple of days, but am glad i can get to share the experience now.  To some of you Kikuletwa hot springs is no new name,some of you might have been there and some could be having the place in their bucket list. Well, i am here for the later. And i’ ll tell you what i wish someone had told me, you don’t need a couple of hours here,make it a day,all worth it. I am not feeling much like words today so… Continue reading



I have been pretty busy the past one month and this felt like a well deserved get away. My body and soul were craving for one and i am glad i chose Lamu county. I am a fervent lover of sunrises and sunsets,i know you know this already but just in case you didn’t 😊, and i had been longing to catch them from Lamu for a while so believe me when i tell you being in Lamu was such a big deal for me not just because of the rises and sets or this trip being my very first in the island but also because of the endless beaches (archipelago’s best beach), miles of sandy shores that tease you with their perfectly sculpted offshore waves to walk,the towns culture,the cuisines,cocktails ; and besides,what could be more relaxing?
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Footprints in Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi is the capital and the second most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. The slick and modern capital of the U.A.E. presents a fascinating mixture of tradition and progression. Tracing its rich history back to around 3000 B.C., Abu Dhabi maintains a more distinctly Arabian ambiance than glitzy Dubai.

Abu Dhabi houses federal government offices, is the seat of the United Arab Emirates Government, home to the Abu Dhabi Emiri Family and the President of the UAE, who is from this family. She is home to important financial institutions such as the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates and the corporate headquarters of many companies and numerous multinational corporations not forgetting that she’s one of the world’s largest oil producers. Continue reading