Elephant bedroom


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Sands At Nomad

IMG_20190616_170157-01You are never too old to read a good story or  make one of your own and as far as south coast is concerned, everyone has their favorite. The moment you realize that the Kenyan coast has its own distinct personality. The moment you end up telling your friends about endlessly when you get home. It could be the long enviable beaches to walk on,overwhelming sight of swimming dolphins, the sight of the blood red sun as it dips beneath the sea, the smell of freshly cooked Biriani, a sail to one of the magnificent islands, the Swahili rich cultural heritage, dinner on the beach with a loved one, or the feeling of warm sand between your toes as you stand on one of south coast’s truly endless beaches. The list is endless.  Continue reading

Olelek Ranch House

LRM_EXPORT_57054884049625_20190609_111526808Bless you Carol for discovering this place for us. Last weekend was nothing short of a blast, the kind that adds life to your days. It’s been a while since i last had so much fun having spent the last month buried in books but well, it’s over. Good company, great environment and lots of laughter are few of the ingredients that made up my weekend but let me first introduce you to what was our home.
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Footprints in Capetown


Capetown is one of those destinations that I’ve always wanted to visit, and I promise you, it’s worth all the hype it gets! The eagerness to explore this city was a build-up of excitement created by all the photos and videos i have watched. It’s actually a story that began 2years ago when i decided to apply for a passport but somewhere in between i was caught up with other adventures until late last year when i decided to give it a go this year. Well, i always take a screenshot whenever an interestingly looking destination pops up on my Instagram feed. At this point my camera roll is full of places i should visit. 

People from all walks of life call the 5 boroughs that make up Capetown their home. One borough in particular, city of Capetown, served as the location for my trip to the Mother City. Whether you’re a foodie, an art enthusiast, an adrenaline junkie, a nature lover, a photographer, or just someone who loves the city life, Capetown is the place for you. Continue reading

15 Opportunities not to miss while in Capetown


Normally i’ ll include the what to dos in my experience but i feel a little bit different this time. I might be sharing my Capetown experience a bit later than i expected and that in addition to the fact that some of what i’ ll be sharing here today are things i learned i could have done while in Capetown a little bit too late, is what inspired me to do this post. I’ll jump right into it so here are a a few things you should try while in Capetown.
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Olarro Plains


Yesterday I did a post on Olarro lodge and little Olarro and as Part 2 of my post I am meant to bring you with me to the beautiful and stylish Olarro plains, a place i was also guest to during my stay in Olarro. Before that lets head back to Olarro lodge for a minute. Notice how the interiors are beautifully painted all white giving a swahili feeling. The staircase and the bed  reminded me so much about Lamu.
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Olarro Lodge


DSCN9377I am unashamedly addicted to Laikipia believe me when i say i never saw myself ever foregoing a trip to this magical region that i have such a long standing love affair with for any other place in Kenya but well, never say never, Olarro happened and am glad because one a veer on my travel radar was kind of exciting and two i get to bring my readers something new and different.

Olarro is a maasai name meaning buffalo, a fitting name for the spectacular Olarro conservancy. It is a 20, 500 acre conservancy established for wildlife protection purpose only. The Conservancy is located in Narok County about 3kms from Ngoswani Trading Centre, approximately 60km from Narok town, off the NarokMaasai Mara road. Continue reading

A road trip to Elementaita


The basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure,so i believe. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences. Is there any greater joy than having an endlessly changing horizon for each day and a different new sun? I do not think so.

Hello my dear readers,i trust 2019 is treating you well. Well am here seated tossing a ten cent coin a colleague just handed over to me wondering what heading to give this post. It’s too hot for starters,the only place i’ d rather be is at the bottom of a pool but anyway,lets tell this story,who knows, this place could be one of my readers nirvana. Continue reading

Samatian Island


DSCN8707The very first time i came across Samatian Island was on twitter and as i re tweeted the post i couldn’t help but admire her beauty. At no particular time did i imagine it was in Kenya (clearly i under estimated my country’s beauty). Of course the adventurer in me wanted to visit the island,not as soon as it happened though.

The small and exclusive Samatian is set on a private Island on Lake Baringo in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley roughly 5hrs from Nairobi. With its breath-taking views across the waters of the lake to the imposing backdrop of the Laikipia Escarpment, the island offers the perfect getaway. The beauty of Baringo, and i kid you not, is legendary, with its spectacular sunsets, dazzling array of bird life, and the Njemps fishermen continuing a traditional lifestyle. Samatian Island offers guests the ultimate in relaxation in magical surroundings. Accommodation comprises 5 airy, open-plan, en suite thatched rooms. 2 rooms are family units with a partitioned bedroom, verandah, sitting room and bathroom. Samatian is run as a small family homestay, ideally for 12  or less self catered guests, catering can be arranged  by special arrangement for a party of 6 guests or more. Continue reading