Swara Acacia Lodge- A perfect 60 Minutes Escape from Nairobi.


Happy new year people! I hope 2020 is treating you all well, for me it’s like the year came will the to do schedules from the future hence the reason this post is a little late but not the reason for its length. There isn’t much to tell, the photos speak for themselves.

I am always telling a good friend of mine that there is only a limit to the much i can spend within Nairobi on a get away. You try looking trust you me you’ll be spoilt for choice. The number of all the beautiful convenient places you’ll find here, ooh my goodness! The places come in handy on those instances when one doesn’t feel like hours of  traveling . End of last year was one of those moments and we found just the spot far enough for an immersive escape into the savanna and close enough to the city but ideal for our sole purpose; relaxation. Continue reading “Swara Acacia Lodge- A perfect 60 Minutes Escape from Nairobi.”

Samuka Island Retreat

Samuka Island Retreat


Ask a dozen dedicated travelers why they love to travel and you will get a dozen different answers. However, there are some general themes that will show through time and again. One is the thirst for new adventures and to get first hand experience of different cultures. Another, from a less gregarious perspective, is the concept of wanting to “get away from it all.”

Travelling is like flirting with life, it’s enjoyable and builds up positive energy not forgetting the good memories we bring home from a trip. Just like a photo can’t fully capture what it feels like to stand on the edge of a fjord, neither can ‘wanderlust’ fully express how we feel when we crave our next adventure.Uganda hasn’t had my attention that much in the past and when this island was tabled i decided to give it a try. The feeling when I pass groups of strangers, speaking a language that is completely foreign to me, makes me realise just how incredibly big the world is,we all have a life that is full of different connections, memories and possibilities. That’s sonder.And then there is also so much we hear about the Ugandan culture that my curious self couldn’t ignore and i figured this was my perfect opportunity to find it all out.

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Enchipai Cottages


The weekend is a time to rediscover senses dulled by routine demands of life and the last long one was no exception. I had a solid plan for the particular weekend for about two months only for that to change just a week to my travel dates. Its such a great thing having friends that are well traveled and share your passion, a plan B was up in place and rolling in a day. Allow me to introduce you to what was our home. Continue reading “Enchipai Cottages”

Lemon Valley Farm Estate

Lemon Valley Farm Estate


By the invitation of Lemon Valley Farm estate i got to spend 2nights 3days at the property sometime back last week and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I needed the escape and Lemon valley is one of those places you escape to if you are looking for a quiet, peaceful and yet breathtaking environment to just relax and recharge your batteries . A place of solitude and tranquility surrounded by nature. A lifetime can be spent exploring Kenya but you’ll almost never come across what this place has to offer considering every now and then in this interconnected world of 2019 that’s not always as easy as it sounds plus the fast growing almost ubiquitous virtual world that is only ever a touchscreen away, we always find ourselves struggling to find that one perfect place where we can properly escape humdrum everyday life. Continue reading “Lemon Valley Farm Estate”