I am Risper mutegi but you can call me Ray. I am the face behind this blog,a girl that is quite passionate about adventure and traveling which leaves most of the people i meet and even my friends wondering how i ended up in the accounting profession and not somewhere in the tourism industry.I also happen to love nature and in appreciation of the complexity of our rich diverse land i take photos.I love being taken away by a great view;from sunsets to sunrises to landscapes.Did i mention that the elephant is my favorite wild animal? I even have a name for them,i call them my long nosed friends.Sorry, what i actually meant to say there was that i love wildlife but thing is,every time i think of wildlife the first name that pops in my mind is the elephant,i had no idea the same applied to my fingers until now.Lets say packing a bag and heading to a place where i will enjoy great views or mingle with the wild is what i love most but being able to share the experience here feels amazing,who knows how many of my kind are out there that i’ll get to inspire at the end of the day.Welcome to my world.

     Happy travels